Wax Museum Battle: Did Ad Go Too Far?

Madame Tussauds releases ad comparing Hollywood Wax museum figures.
2:00 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wax Museum Battle: Did Ad Go Too Far?
Now to a new battle of the celebrities what some people are calling the Hollywood wax war two museums are going head to head for who's making the most. Realistic fakes ABC's Neal Karlinsky takes up -- -- The battle of the titans Coke vs Pepsi McDonald's vs Burger King Joseph leave vs Joseph -- Wait a minute. Not exactly the real Angelina Jolie but in this Hollywood -- wore her likeness is the first barrage -- an all out battle over who has the best. Wax figure. On one side. Madame tussaud's the gold standard in the world of wax on the other the -- a long -- family run Hollywood wax museum. -- -- is from madame tussaud's. Do you think the competition and a stint -- prime. Pennington and their biggest thing where. Madame tussaud's is launching this ad campaign showing stars ranging from -- -- -- Jim Carrey Jackie Chan and Lucille Ball. Comparing their versions on the left with -- times less than perfect versions from the Hollywood wax museum on the right. They've also included a few online critiques Lucille Ball looks like -- meant that it. Hollywood -- people are not amusement. It's the case of that big bully had big international. Multinational corporation. You know trying to push the little guy around. I'm really not trying to -- -- -- just trying to show. The difference between us and -- In Hollywood boat museum. By the way are only a couple of blocks apart have their share of hits and misses madame tussaud's is certainly this slippery road. But admission there is more expensive so why pick on the little guy but he's got us -- threat or you wouldn't be going all -- trouble. It isn't threatened mammals thing and people -- -- and there attraction thinking that asked whoever said beauty is only skin -- He never worked in the wax museum business. For Good Morning America Neal Karlinsky ABC news. Hollywood.

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{"id":15219960,"title":"Wax Museum Battle: Did Ad Go Too Far?","duration":"2:00","description":"Madame Tussauds releases ad comparing Hollywood Wax museum figures.","url":"/GMA/video/wax-museum-battle-madame-tussauds-ad-slams-hollywood-15219960","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}