3 New Ways to Wear Your Denim Shirt This Fall

Carson Kressley has ways to make a summer staple last through fall.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for 3 New Ways to Wear Your Denim Shirt This Fall
america," we love to find ways to recycle and reuse. That goes for everything, furniture, clothing. Trepds that are hot for one season or beyond. Wow, that is a gad trend. Wear clothes again. A good way to save cash and perhaps extend the life of a g garme garment. How do you take a summer must have and segue it into fall? There's only one man for this job. Carson kressley. Oh, hello, sit down, sit down. They're going crazy. What is hat? Oh. Okay. Please no, contain yourselves. Okay, we're talking a summer basic, which you so beautifully introduced. The denim shirt. Great with white jeans. Short shorts. A fun look. ? Open, closed? A layering piece. Everybody owns it already. Take something you own, don't buy something new, and segue into fall with it. It's a great layering piece. Let's do the fashion relay. Expain explain for us, if you will, what that is. What is going on? When I heard fashion relay, i had flashbacks of gym class. Oh, no, pick me. Everybody wins. We have three models. They're each going to relay the one item. Are you using this one? Can I show -- I don't want to show her cloth breasts on tv. Going over here? You do whatever you need to do. Sara is wearing. Let's talk about what she's got on now. A very on-trend fall look for going out for drinks or the office. A little bandage dress and then pop color heels. Tone it down a little bit. You can add the denim shirt on top of it and just -- I have a belt somewhere. We have to do a little zhuszhing here, too. I want to give it some personality, by cinching it in here. You can ooh and aah when i finish. Oh, and maybe a nice aah. Oh, they're so good. It makes it fun and relaxed. Now we're going the handoff. It's a relay. We have to go quickly. Now on to tina. Tina is wearing a beautiful fall sweater look. It's very edgy. You want to soften the look, layer it on. Itecomes the boyfriend blazer or cardigan for the season. My biggest tip is make sure it's fitted so it gives you the chic -- not too oversized. Look how great that looks. Moving on. I feel like we should be passing the baton. There we go. Now on brittany. She's in a rock and roll chic look. This becomes a little blazer. A little finishing piece. A lot of people are asking for fall, can you wear den anymore -- denim on denim. You can. But do a different wash. If you're buying one, where to go? This one is from j. Crew. S the about $95. Everyone is doing thm for fall, h & m. Get them from a thrift store. An old broken in one looks better than a new one. Or buy something from your line. Oh, you could. That was so subtle. Yes. If you go to my website, you can see a preview. Carson kressley.Com, see a preview. My collection debuts october 11th. Look at you. thank you, models.

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{"id":17096881,"title":"3 New Ways to Wear Your Denim Shirt This Fall","duration":"3:00","description":"Carson Kressley has ways to make a summer staple last through fall.","url":"/GMA/video/ways-wear-denim-shirt-fall-17096881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}