Wedding Dress Thief Tries On Dress, Walks Out of Bridal Store

Bride-to-be stages brazen robbery with bridesmaids at bridal boutique.
3:00 | 10/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wedding Dress Thief Tries On Dress, Walks Out of Bridal Store
going to turn to one of the craziest robbery stories we've heard in a while. A bride-to-be has added her own twist to an old wedding adage. Her version, something old, something new, something stolen, something blue. A woman staged a brazen robbery at a bridal boutique. There's a moment you know. It does put me in a better mood. Reporter: It's the wedding gown for you. Breathtaking. Reporter: But when this new jersey woman said yes to her $5,000 dress last month, she supposedly sno to paying for it. Seen here in new surveillance footage, the woman clutches the dress as she walks briskly out of the bridal boutique and through the parking lot. Her 3-year-old daughter struggling to keep up. This is beyond bridezilla. This is thievery of the worst type, with a child involved. I mean -- Reporter: Owners of seng couture, said the woman came in with her daughter and eight partners in crime. They come in. And they all go in the stall. Reporter: After trying on several gowns, police say, the unidentified woman walked out with the most expensive ensemble, while the rest of her group blocked the owner's view. So, why did no one chase after the runaway bride? She's very trusting. She doesn't stand over you. It she gives you room to try on. Reporter: It's not known if the woman is planning to wed in the gown. But just like a tossed bouquet, everyone is trying to catch her. So, along with that dress, she may get her own ball and chain, too. I'm sure people at the store were just in shock. To think that someone would run out with a dress like that. Beyond bridezilla. Way beyond bridezilla. Now, to the story of a

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{"id":17470237,"title":"Wedding Dress Thief Tries On Dress, Walks Out of Bridal Store","duration":"3:00","description":"Bride-to-be stages brazen robbery with bridesmaids at bridal boutique.","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-dress-thief-dress-walks-bridal-store-17470237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}