Officials Warn of 'Wet' Scallop Weight Rip-Off

ABC News investigation shows some fish markets' scallops are loaded with water.
2:12 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials Warn of 'Wet' Scallop Weight Rip-Off
-- consumer alert now America's top seafood inspector says the consumers are being ripped off too often -- the go to the fish market. -- the federal government's cracking down on the fraud ABC's newest investigative correspondent mark Greenblatt is on the case here with us now. So I got to -- the world news the other night walking again this morning. -- so good to be here George thanks for the warm welcomes and I'll tell you what for my very first assignment lucky me. I got to slog through New York City fish markets on the trail of a growing national fish fraud he probably won't like what we found. Real news something didn't smell right when several restaurants got -- replacing grouper fish with cheaper catfish when -- sold farm raised salmon in place of hiring and wild salmon. And now. Call it the scallop -- or higher grade dry scalp from the siege he switched out of lower grade -- -- treated with the chemical. To make -- take on extra weight. But not for more fish instead just water weight very expensive water. If you're selling a product that's ten dollars a pound but only five pounds of the ten pounds as actual product the rest is water. Ten dollars a pound for water is a lot of money. So we asked Brendan Hayes of New York's posh the lobster place which only sells dry scallop. To help us look at this Gallup that we bought from three other -- stories first up. We're dry -- sold for 27 bucks a pound a steep price but. They passion that they are honest in that it is -- -- -- store to openly sold us wet -- but for much less. -- bucks round but that -- three we paid twenty bucks a pound for what we thought was the higher -- dry scalps but he's just have a very. Unnatural look to them he's talking about the white bleached out appearance his conclusion I paid more than twenty bucks a pound you -- thought he got ripped off. -- -- Now fish inspector with the national marine fisheries service says that he sees the -- -- 40% of the time and even stores get fooled so to protect yourself look out for lots of water collecting under alleged dry -- And -- -- they shrink in half when you start cooking them it's probably a time free to start economic and us which of your own and two news.

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{"id":15935562,"title":"Officials Warn of 'Wet' Scallop Weight Rip-Off","duration":"2:12","description":"ABC News investigation shows some fish markets' scallops are loaded with water.","url":"/GMA/video/wet-scallop-weight-rip-off-consumer-warning-15935562","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}