Whitney Heichel's Parents on Daughter's Disappearance

Oregon woman's parents speak to the public as new evidence surfaces.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Heichel's Parents on Daughter's Disappearance
First, we get to the new leads in the search for the missing oregon woman, whitney heichel. Police are now intensifying their search, combing a nearby park and mountain they say could be the key to her disappearance. Cecilia vega is in gresham, oregon, with that story. Reporter: Police are in their fourth day of searching. But a new clue can offer important insight. This morning, investigators are focused on a potentially powerful clue found in these bushes. Police aren't confirming it. But children playing behind this apartment complex are convinced that what theynd here is whitney heichel's cell phone. I was pretty shocked. I knew I recognized the face. Reporter: It wasn't just the photo on the phone that seems to link it to the woman. They started flipping through some of the text messages. And one that said, from scott. We're trying to find out, where are you? Are you okay? So, I mean, it kind of confirmed it to me that it was her cell phone. Reporter: Heichel's family remains mystified and devastated about her disappearance. Hours before the phone discovery, her husband tried to speak to reporters but couldn't get the words out. What do I say? Reporter: The 21-year-old barista, seen here in this home video obtained by abc news, was supposed to show up at the starbucks just five minutes from her house on tay morning. She never did. With this clue left behind. Her black ford explorer where a walmart parking lot. The front side passenger window smashed. Mud on the tires. Do you believe whitney is still alive? We don't know yet. We're hoping for the best and doing everything we can. Reporter: Police say heichel left her house for work as usual, at 6:45 a.M. On tuesday. She was supposed to start at 7:00. Her atmard was used at a gas station about two hours r. This compassionate, laughing, person. Her heart's as big as the sun. And we just need you guys and everybody to keep looking for her. Reporter: The search for heichel still goes on. And today, it may have one more clue. And that cell phone was found just four miles away from whitney heichel's home. Her family says her nickname was momma, elizabeth, because she has been like a mother to everyone in her life. All right, cecilia. Thank you so much. I hope they get a break in that

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{"id":17516188,"title":"Whitney Heichel's Parents on Daughter's Disappearance","duration":"3:00","description":"Oregon woman's parents speak to the public as new evidence surfaces.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-heichels-parents-daughters-disappearance-starbucks-employee-missing-17516188","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}