Whitney Houston Dead: What Happened in Hotel Room?

The singer was found in hotel bath tub with prescription drugs in the room.
3:15 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston Dead: What Happened in Hotel Room?
It right to the brand new details in the story of Whitney Houston's death Lara Spencer team of correspondents -- -- in Los Angeles covering the very latest for us. The superstar was reportedly discovered. In her hotel bathroom by a member of her entourage ABC's Jim Avila is outside the Beverly Hilton hotel with more this morning -- Good morning Robin as you know Whitney Houston was a major talent but in the end her personal life had devolved into -- Three -- train wreck in fact witnesses say that the -- -- was of the last week when there was a lost weekend here in Beverly Hills. ABC news has learned members of Whitney Houston's entourage are being questioned about her behavior immediately before her death. Sources tell us there were no signs of trauma foul play or illegal drugs in the suite where she was founded a bathtub. But there were allegedly many bottles of prescription drugs from Valium to sleeping pills. I know there's reports that she navy was drowned or did -- -- but overdose but no we won't make a final determination until. All the tests during -- it's Saturday afternoon -- -- gathered before the biggest pre Grammy party of the ball. Posted by music producer Clive Davis at the landmark Beverly Hilton hotel. Houston is alone in the bathroom of a fourth floor suite bathing -- preparing to before. But instead in the chaotic scene -- her entourage finds her submerged. Face below the water line and not breathing no -- For twenty minutes she is work done by a bodyguard. And then fire department paramedics who were already at the hotel. But she could not be revived. -- -- 55 PM this afternoon. Whitney Houston was pronounced dead. Friends say that since she arrived in Los Angeles two weeks ago it had been party after party. The frustrating part was getting into -- people and not physical fights but verbal fights. The whirlwind weekend that may have led to Houston's death begins Thursday. When she was described by reporters skipping around the hotel lobby doing hand stands at the pool. Finally escorted away by -- eighteen year old daughter Bobbi Kristina. That night she would give her final performance -- -- Hollywood club. On stage with the R&B singer Kelly Price. Okay. Afterward photographers catch these now infamous last pictures showing a disheveled. Belligerent looking Houston. On Friday hotel staff tell reporters Houston was partying heavily but by Saturday her cousin Dion Warwick is quoted as telling TMZ. They were no signs of trouble limit daytime phone call. Whitney's mother -- -- also told TMC she spoke with -- daughter around 315 and nothing seemed unusual. But forty minutes later the little girl who first sang at church was dead. And later rolled out of a Beverly Hills Hotel with 48 years old that magnificent voice. The coroner's office here in Los Angeles has done this kind of thing before dealt with high profile cases they are in no Russian in fact it took -- three months to determine the cause of death for Michael Jackson.

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{"id":15572488,"title":"Whitney Houston Dead: What Happened in Hotel Room?","duration":"3:15","description":"The singer was found in hotel bath tub with prescription drugs in the room.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-dead-happened-hotel-room-15572488","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}