Whitney Houston: Remembering Her Golden Voice

A look back at the life and talent of the pop superstar.
3:32 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston: Remembering Her Golden Voice
-- so many questions and still so much sadness about -- death but also much to celebrate. As we look back on her life especially that golden voice -- joins us from Los Angeles with more and Whitney's. Musical legacy and it's so good to see their -- -- morning. -- good morning to you Robin you know she was truly born to saying. And no one did it more purely more perfectly than Whitney Houston. When she was at her best as Smokey Robinson told me yesterday -- could sing the phone book. And it would sound like magic. I'm magical yeah. These boys latest field. -- A generation. -- -- alongside greats of soul and aren't being. -- -- the godmother Dion Warwick Kirk cousins her mother Susan Houston's. But there was difference -- -- voice. -- -- Music producer Clive Davis. Discovered early. Still remembers the first time you heard. It was such -- -- and she is a young girl. Read such fires took flights into this storm -- mean it really. Since the boom boom you'll pay millions of place. When you think of Whitney's voice. What customers. -- have sued to beauty. -- he had wanted to lose extra extra extra special gifts she's just had a bad boys that. -- -- voice lifted Whitney hip hop super stardom. Selling over 170. Million albums singles and videos worldwide. She created the genre of music -- this incredible -- -- is no no one could hear. On the way there she hit fifty or sixty other notes to -- your powerful both -- inspired a generation talent. She was just kind of chosen. Soon have a voice that was beat people and has shown me what it feels like to -- Clinton would do. As a positive. -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember how you felt. When. And we will remember that joy. We do want to thank Smokey Robinson for allowing us to share his memories while I was at his home yesterday he's not he spoke with Whitney's godmother Aretha Franklin by phone. I asked if there would at some point be a musical tribute to Whitney he caused he thought about it. Many smiled and -- absolutely. Robin and George has that should be.

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{"id":15572652,"title":"Whitney Houston: Remembering Her Golden Voice","duration":"3:32","description":"A look back at the life and talent of the pop superstar.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-dead-remembering-golden-voice-talent-15572652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}