Whitney Houston Dead: Remembering a Legend

How are music fans reacting to the superstar's death?
5:10 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Dead: Remembering a Legend
Houston's -- is Amy pointed out a -- music fans -- brown the world many just learning the news tonight. Eyewitness News reporter Jamie Roth is live at the Apollo Theater in Harlem where Houston -- one of her famous music videos Jamie. Whenever famous -- -- that's right in music video filmed here for the song the greatest love of all and here at the Apollo Theater tonight Whitney Houston is being mourned. We need the marquee at the famed Apollo Theater we found to -- -- taking a walk to overcome drive home to Brooklyn. There's Villahermosa family members image has been around -- time. Music is great -- Harlan nearly every person -- spoke to the breaking news shortly after it broke. He knew what had happened and could help heal some. The very fact that -- -- Israel definitely sure lose you Stellent. Kind of makes you think and you know reflects. About you know what happens you know what could have -- somebody. -- their careers trying to come back. The word to didn't work so I'm just said here. We witnessed Whitney Houston's trouble spots her difficult marriage -- Battles with drugs. I think that once over the best way things like that and -- did you know pushing the background and that's what's important so much. You know the -- the scandals I think if you will overlook dad and turner road. The good that they had an impact they had -- everybody else. Did Burton is agrees for Houston's says the legacy will be -- does that. Outweighs at all this. It's. A lot of emotional reaction here in fact he Apollo Theater hosts a music -- -- every Saturday night. Tonight for any performer to the State's DNC did. With the memorial message regarding Whitney Houston and we're live in -- Jamie -- channel seven eyewitness. News thank you Amy thank you rather Jamie Whitney Houston grew up of course in the Newark area tonight members of her childhood church are reacting to her death. -- -- grew up going to be new hope Baptist Church in fact her mother still attend services there. The church's pastor Joseph Carter is among those saddened. By the news. Obviously -- and expressed. -- that. That we are all things this family and we're just asking everyone to lift the and that their prayers and thoughts. And two respect him. A prayer service in honor of Whitney Houston will be held at new hope Baptist Church tomorrow morning beginning at 6:30 AM. That's coming up in the next half hour we in fact we'll talk with the former Newark mayor Sharpe James about his memories of Houston and her family. Despite the tumultuous years of drug use and erratic behavior many remember Houston for her majestic voice Eyewitness News entertainment reporter sandy Kenyon it's here with a look back at her like sandy. -- this evening I'm remembering the Whitney Houston I met on the brink of stardom back in 1985. Face to face she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. With a voice like -- -- She had the police have been until with the sound all her own hands so much -- Whitney Houston sold an astonishing 170. Million record. And yet she guided shell of a younger and -- beautiful -- Ravaged by use of -- of the talk show host Larry King described this way. It was his party and I was it does have been a stable. And but I didn't recognize it. We do Houston grew up that he star engine blew up in show business the daughter of -- -- Houston and then each of beyond war. Yeah. -- at the time of its release her debut album was the biggest selling ever recorded by a female artist. And she still holds the record for the most number one songs from a single out. A performance at the Super Bowl captivated an entire nation. -- in. In the body -- -- opposite Kevin Costner promised to open new vistas for Houston in 1992. But that same year she married singer Bobby -- They of fourteen years together led to tabloid headlines and persistent reports of drug abuse by the couple. Asked about these rumors by Diane Sawyer in 2002. Houston's response was at once sad that an unforgettable. You can crack. And yeah. Crack is whack. -- comeback attempt in 2009 was not successful. But fans will always remember her unique combination of beauty and talent. And a voice for the ages. A friend of Whitney Houston's ex husband Bobby Brown says he is struggling -- night and devastated by the news of Houston's past. This according to CNN which also reports their daughter -- is in LA and not doing well.

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{"id":15565955,"title":"Whitney Houston Dead: Remembering a Legend","duration":"5:10","description":"How are music fans reacting to the superstar's death?","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-dead-remembering-legend-music-fans-react-death-singer-entertainment-15565955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}