Was Whitney Houston in Financial Trouble?

There are reports banks were closing in on the singer's debts before her death.
2:52 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Was Whitney Houston in Financial Trouble?
More now on Whitney Houston and reports that she was facing serious financial trouble. Over the course of restoring career Houston -- hundreds of millions but ABC news has learned. The banks were closing in on her debts when she died ABC's Jim -- -- been following the money -- good morning -- Good morning George Whitney Houston was once one of the richest woman in the world. But entourages -- -- champagne and her admitted use of cocaine. Our expenses. It is a cruel irony. Whitney Houston's death -- now provide the final comeback she so desperately wanted. Her music and movies now generating record profit. It's that will do little to console her -- -- her grieving daughter. Bobbi Kristina can expect as much as ten million dollars in the next two years. She's gonna have money coming in from the singles from album sales Whitney Houston has a movie coming out this summer. This morning I will always love -- is the number one best seller on iTunes -- -- two of the top 100 downloads are sung by Whitney Houston. It is not her first -- -- The voice says she was known earned her -- fortune more than a decade ago. And now with her death her albums of -- from the discount -- to billboard's top ten list again. She sold 200 million records people loved her. Her signature movie the 1990 to release the body. -- in Houston 33 million dollars and made it one of the richest women in America. That was capped by a 2001 music contract one of the biggest deals in music history 100 million dollars but her lifestyle was expenses. When she died she had body guards with -- -- -- all these things cost money houses cost money your clothes you show far. All of that stuff of course drugs -- In 2002. -- used to boldly -- ABC's Diane Sawyer that the drug she used when -- high end. -- -- I maintenance needs and -- How much of her fortune was squandered. ABC news has learned -- recently tried to foreclose and at least -- homes but a source familiar with Houston's financial situation. Tells ABC news she was hard for -- In her final days of life Houston was planning a comeback but in the -- world of entertainment it is her death that is put her back on top. Whitney Houston is one of these celebrities -- potentially worth more dead than alive. Which is -- sad thing to say but it's probably true in this case. But there are management companies that specialize in profiting and making profits -- -- dead -- -- states and in fact we talked to one of those companies yesterday. And they said that Whitney Houston has lots of potential to make money. For her family even though they probably don't want to hear about it today.

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{"id":15628344,"title":"Was Whitney Houston in Financial Trouble?","duration":"2:52","description":"There are reports banks were closing in on the singer's debts before her death.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-financial-trouble-death-15628344","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}