Whitney Houston Funeral Arrangements Set

The singer's body has returned home to her native New Jersey.
2:25 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Funeral Arrangements Set
Latest on the -- -- for Whitney Houston ABC's -- Davis is on the scene in Newark, New Jersey. Good morning -- Good morning George there is a police presence outside -- this funeral home this morning Whitney Houston's body. Is believed to be inside only hours after the corners office released her body to the family it was on a plane heading here. Back to her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. In -- as in life Whitney Houston was accompanied by an onto -- Several vehicles escorted her body to the tarmac where it was and flown out of Los Angeles on a private plane owned by movie director Tyler Perry. The plane arrived in New Jersey overnight at the private -- -- airport where was met by a golden -- and escorted to the same -- funeral home. -- her father was laid to rest in 2003. ABC news has learned Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina and ex husband Bobby Brown flew back to New Jersey early Monday ahead of Houston's body. The -- singer's family is said to be planning a private -- which may be held at new hope Baptist church on Thursday. The church where it all started. ABC news has also learned Houston's public memorial may be held Friday at new -- pack center. Late Monday at another New York landmark to Prudential Center a picture of Houston appeared on the video monitor outside. The families also reportedly considering that arena for the service. In acknowledging. Price. -- -- -- At -- Charlotte, North Carolina concerts over night. -- of soul Aretha Franklin honored her god daughter and -- Mom -- Okay. Okay. Okay. It's. The family is said to be planning for a huge memorial service for thousands of people something along the lines of the memorial service we -- for Michael Jackson. A -- Staples Center.

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{"id":15580271,"title":"Whitney Houston Funeral Arrangements Set","duration":"2:25","description":"The singer's body has returned home to her native New Jersey.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-funeral-arrangements-set-15580271","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}