Houston Bodyguard 'Can't Protect Her From Herself'

The singer's former bodyguard talks exclusively to ABC News.
3:01 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Houston Bodyguard 'Can't Protect Her From Herself'
It was Houston and that exclusive interview of their former bodyguard. ABC's Jim -- is on the case in Los Angeles good morning Jim. Good morning -- as we know Whitney Houston died a very sad death and alone in her bathroom and it was a put -- sad ending to a troubled life a life -- former bodyguard told me in an ABC news exclusive that he could no longer bear to watch. Alan Jacobs often spent twelve hours a day with Whitney Houston as director of security from 1995. To 2002. He saw -- seven years of ups and downs at the height of her singing career. It's like living in the eye of a hurricane. And constantly. Trying to fight being. Pulled into the swirl of activity that surrounds you. At Houston side for Dallas charities and the award shows Jacobs says Houston never did drugs in front of it. But says he could see their effect on her. Whatever was going on -- was not something that was in control. And certainly was something that. I felt needed to be addressed. So I took action to address it. Eliminated access. To -- by certain people that I thought were negative influences. Even that was not enough the professional body guard became worried. He could not protect his -- Us in the reality of it is. That you can protect someone from everything but you cannot protect -- from -- In fact in -- 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer. -- even admitted to being her own worst enemy. -- makes you do anything I don't wanna do. It's my decision. So the biggest -- me. So while Jacobs was shocked and saddened he was not totally surprised that Whitney Houston died. He says he had warned her and husband Bobby Brown it would happen it says he quit his job which she did not stop abusing drugs. X -- said you hired me to do a job to protect you. I said but I cannot protect you from your selves I took a stand. It was about four months later that we decided that it would be best to part company. Jacobs says after he left the Whitney Houston turned over security to relatives. Her head bodyguard when she died was an in law. It would seem meant that they Carlos -- I might have been capped but they are again. There's an old saying that their boss. May not always be right but the boss is always the boss. Other celebrities have had enablers accused of helping caused their deaths Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend and psychiatrists were both convicted of providing their -- -- -- by fraud. That of course Michael Jackson had his Conrad Murray. Former prosecutor and now TV commentator Nancy Grace believes Eric criminal questions to ask about Whitney Houston's death do. Where is to get all these drugs do all these -- giving her. These drugs. The Beverly hills police say this is not a criminal investigation so far and they are not looking into any doctors at this point.

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{"id":15580654,"title":"Houston Bodyguard 'Can't Protect Her From Herself'","duration":"3:01","description":"The singer's former bodyguard talks exclusively to ABC News.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-bodyguard-interview-protect-houston-15580654","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}