Whitney Houston: What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?

Daughter of late singer grew up in the spotlight as her mother shot to stardom.
1:15 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston: What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?
Now the latest on Bobbie -- -- Whitney Houston's daughter traveling to New Jersey yesterday as the family plans Houston's funeral. And today there is growing concern for the teenager as she tries to cope with the loss of her mother and the spotlight that goes with it. It was a heartfelt mother daughter moment Whitney and -- Christina. Taking the stage in Whitney's comeback performance on GMA -- 2000 night. -- -- Yeah. I just a few days ago -- two -- aren't looking closer than ever on the red carpet at a pre Grammy party. Daughter of the late singer and ex husband Bobby Brown. Eighteen year old Bobbi Christina grew up in the spotlight. As a baby her first cameos in her parents' music video for the song something in common. As a toddler she appeared on stage for their famous mother. In this 1997 concert in Washington DC. Friends say the Bobbi Kristina was the light of Whitney's life. It was a close -- he shared with Diane Sawyer in 2002 -- No I teen bull like their school class folk music class. Have access to -- and what you like about my -- from its. Kids truly speak from its spirit. Food banks and local -- going. She sings -- -- fund. -- -- -- I didn't pretend. Saying -- He knew who don't. Cool -- growing up in the middle of her parents' tumultuous relationship seemed to ticket told -- Bobbi Kristina. Let's -- -- my hair my. -- on the family's reality show being Bobby Brown. He was Bobbi Christina -- often acted more like the parent in the middle of the erratic relationship between Whitney and Bobby. And those close to receive it Whitney's addiction it was a heavy burden for her daughter to bear. Doctor drew -- of doctor drew -- HLN says it comes as no surprise. It's been reported there was almost a role reversal in this relationship where Bobbi Kristina was almost a mother to Whitney. Is that common. Very common when a parent has addiction for the child to be parental -- It's almost a survival move the child takes on the role of parent for the pair. But when stories surfaced last year that Bobbi Kristina may have a problem with drugs herself he was her father who came to a defense -- -- doesn't she doesn't. And according to doctor drew the loss of her mother could trigger a downward spiral. When people are stressed when -- turn to substances -- when they can throw the switch on addiction. And that's that's my greatest fear for -- Christina. Friends say Bobbi Kristina idolize her mother and more recently has tried to ignite her own singing career. Covering a -- this video she posted online. Hate to -- up then. Lou lands that then -- Following their mother's footsteps a bright future Whitney told Diane Sawyer she so wanted to see unfold. Ten years from now -- Give me the perfect life for Britain -- -- -- -- -- Satan. Can am I doing that grow up become -- cleaning woman of god. He grandchildren and FF -- Thanks to doctor -- for your insight and our thoughts go -- to Bobbi -- and the -- Houston family and please don't miss Friday's twenty when he it's a two hour special edition one moment in time. The life of Whitney Houston. You can watch that at 9 eighths central here on -- --

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{"id":15582216,"title":"Whitney Houston: What's Next for Bobbi Kristina?","duration":"1:15","description":"Daughter of late singer grew up in the spotlight as her mother shot to stardom.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-death-daughter-bobbi-kristina-15582216","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}