Whitney Houston's Final Days

People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses the singer's death.
1:46 | 02/12/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Final Days
Veteran remembers that song in this morning we're learning more about the final days of Whitney Houston. With me here in the studio now I think Tony is the assistant managing editor People Magazine Kate good morning -- morning in -- what are you hearing from your reporters -- your sources about what Whitney was doing -- Final days while obviously just a few short days ago and I think he showed the photos earlier. There was a pre Grammy party in which Whitney was seen leaving afterwards not looking good and at People Magazine we saw those photos there were sort of collective intake of breath see it just. Was it very clear sign that would be with the on the straighten out that something was what's wrong once again but given that did anybody really seen this coming -- -- -- -- -- I don't think anyone ever expects the -- than anyone at age 48 and really -- some sort of thing where there was always a perpetual hope that there was a true. Come back around the corner -- -- because that really still hadn't happened yet she did the movie coming out this summer genital coming out this summer reports from the set of that film where that. She was very focused very clear -- and that she delivered a fantastic performance -- there is one. Clear the victim here in that is her daughter. -- -- Christina what do we know. About how she's been doing in recent years -- well being in recent years there were reports. Not -- Long Island tabloids that she might be struggling with addiction herself those have been unsubstantiated. But our understanding is that as of last night she's completely hysterical and inconsolable. As Robin Roberts said before there is a daughter who lost her mother and a mother -- -- they're very quickly if there's one song she will be remembered for what is it I will always love you without a doubt that song was number one for weeks and weeks. Kate going. Thank you very much.

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{"id":15567184,"title":"Whitney Houston's Final Days","duration":"1:46","description":"People magazine's Kate Coyne discusses the singer's death.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-final-days-15567184","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}