Whitney's Last Performance

Kelly Price discusses her impromptu duet with singer.
7:00 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Whitney's Last Performance
No one knew it then but Whitney Houston's final performances Thursday night an impromptu -- of the Hollywood club -- -- -- that now have more on that he spoke with Kelly Price she of course was different Hussein -- Whitney on Thursday Chris. Hey George that's right Kelly Price of course was. A long time friend of of Whitney's -- a very special person to her she threw a pre Grammy party on Thursday night -- Whitney was there and the result. With history. Lasting until we crack down -- and we danced. And we -- and she was never more than two feet from me the entire night. I just behind him while I was -- his home. Some would like this remember. It's a much bigger moment -- I couldn't imagine it was a big moment just because school. The world got -- last gift and that they got an opportunity to see her perform -- one last time. -- with people who said about that. The fact that there was blood on her legs so that she was acting in an unusual way wish you left what did you see of her that night it was a great. Event. And she left sweaty. And I've heard the word disheveled that's about right when you stand up. For three hours and you're dancing and you would leave a club looking that way she looked like she was under the influence of any thing. She drank champagne and told Steve Kelly Price is three Grammy nominations -- That's what Whitney Houston and. How important -- her life was for roles of mother to Bobbie -- it was everything. It was everything she talked about Bobbie Chris like she was a piece of heaven that have been entrusted to her. She was the love of her life and the last time I saw them together was Thursday night dancing it's the last performance. The legacy of Whitney Houston was here. She left -- -- to hand. The last performance but it was -- and heartfelt. Which it was a great mentor for Kelly and her great lesson business second family first George and as an import one Chris thanks very much in.

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{"id":15572785,"title":"Whitney's Last Performance ","duration":"7:00","description":"Kelly Price discusses her impromptu duet with singer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-performance-impromptu-duet-kelly-price-15572785","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}