'Who's the Boss' Star Back on Broadway

Judith Light, who played Angela on hit TV show, stars in "Other Desert Cities."
4:54 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for 'Who's the Boss' Star Back on Broadway
The incredibly versatile actress Judith Light has done it again you may remember her as Angela from who's the boss but. This Tony nominated actors is taking Broadway by storm yet again. She is starring in the play other desert cities a family drama that takes place over Christmas and critics are raving about her performance -- it. Real thrilled to have in the studio this morning but if I let -- read you some of the critical reviews of this this light appears to be less than lovable in this five member cast of top flight for to -- says. Four stars out of four. An impeccable cast at the top of its game -- -- jam. That's pretty -- that -- It's really great because I don't read the reviews my -- -- -- and they tell me I can't relax and think. No -- I don't actually like to because what ends up happening is that. If you read the good ones and you believe those and you have to read the bad ones and you have to believe so I tried to stay centered and they tell me about it -- then I don't. I don't get involved but thank you for doing that. -- As we said in this in the show you play actually recovering alcoholic at just out of rehab visiting her sister brother my niece and nephew -- Christmas holidays we have a clip at you and Stockard Channing really sort of illustrating -- bitter. Sometimes lovable lovable regulation and it's money related. The particulate liquid. -- -- of -- indicated that quote and quote good geo aware please don't start their sale I. Yeah all -- -- this June. It was negative basement in -- please police believe this -- -- -- -- for moments -- alienate me this energy is flat while real. -- -- I don't know what's real and what is. They don't have -- lines. Yeah -- Actually it well that's a very very funny there's a big dramatic Bentley secret that's revealed the source of the show again the -- a lot of tension. To what's happening today. Well at it what's amazing to me about this play Jon Robin Bates wrote this play and he's extraordinary and incredibly brilliant and -- -- directed -- and they worked together many many years. And in this play it starts -- very funny. And so people think that it's going to go in that direction and then what happens over time. These secrets Begin to get revealed and you find out based beach ball that this family has been holding under the water trying to. Yeah they're wondering the whole shout as you don't -- that till the end that's the big secret that not quite -- out here for thank you so much -- haven't seen it -- But. You for your -- recovering alcoholic to prepare for the -- actually went and spent some time in rehab again. I -- I I didn't stay over in rehab but I went over to Roosevelt hospital they have and those who wonder woman -- -- all the heat he's. -- a therapist and he took me through their rehab program and other addiction treatment program -- -- hospital was extremely helpful. And I have found very good friends who were kind enough to take me to their AA meetings -- and so. I get a lot of work and a lot of research on that and I read accustomed -- -- dry -- which Paul had recommended to me in that. You really see your characters struggling like it at what brings sniffing lovingly others as Tumblr of whiskey and am wishing she could have a drink well and I I think it's it's interesting because. It doesn't have to be alcohol that is your addiction that helps you relate to something I think and -- one way or another in our society there are many kinds of attractions. Until I think that's when people relate to her and her struggled to -- -- -- to get herself to another level. Among the people giving -- standing ovation -- night in the audience you could hear laughter from what it. Costar in my notoriety and I might might told here's still close only our -- after it hit Abbas would you have a huge hit it was huge and he's been so -- -- -- -- wonderful and and -- -- Incredibly talented and I just adore him with -- customers. And we -- talking about a Baker's -- on Broadway you do this show how many times we will we do it eight times a week and listen to that it's exhausting it must. It's it is incredibly exhausting particularly when you -- -- play like this in the way that Joseph has directed it. You know you really have to -- on the emotion that but remember I have. Four wonderful people I'm working women pray you know I have -- -- and Stacy teacher Rachel Griffith and and that Thomas asking who is not coming back. And -- -- who was -- it just these last three weeks -- Tommy was away but it I have I have a lot of help. Until Hugh Hugh Jackman last night. And I myself and they -- manager -- -- -- said. That's how you do it how he does this beautifully it's a great show until March at least -- -- expect probably to be extended thanks so much for being here with the lovely convenience.

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{"id":15239517,"title":"'Who's the Boss' Star Back on Broadway","duration":"4:54","description":"Judith Light, who played Angela on hit TV show, stars in \"Other Desert Cities.\"","url":"/GMA/video/whos-boss-star-judith-light-back-broadway-15239517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}