Wildfires burn over 70K acres across Southern California

The largest of the fires has destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings in Ventura County and forced more than 27,000 residents to evacuate.
3:50 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Wildfires burn over 70K acres across Southern California
First those devastating wildfires in California. They are still growing this morning. Let's take a live look from our KABC chopper. You can see -- it's so bad you can see the smoke from outer space. The fires have destroyed hundreds of buildings and Marcus Moore is on the scene in one of the hardest hit areas in California. Good morning, mark rust. Reporter: Good morning. These are the flames prompting a mandatory evacuation for the small beach community of la Conchita watching them as they marched down the ridge. The freeway and the flame jumped that and feeding on the thick dry brush. A natural catastrophe unfolding overnight as the fires roaring across southern California hillsides devour over 70,000 acres. Towering flames pushed by Santa Ana winds roaring through neighborhoods, feeding on thick brush, illuminating the night sky for a second day. This is a multiday weather event pro-jacked to last until Friday. This has only just begun. Reporter: As many as four fires are burning across southern California. The largest, the Thomas fire destroying hundreds of homes and buildings in Ventura county forcing more than 27,000 resides and even some animals to safer ground. Mandatory evacuation due to the fire. Reporter: Mandatory evacuations still in place for many here as flames continue their assault. Wow. Can you hear that coming down right now? That was a roof I think just collapsed. Reporter: Tracy bird watching in disbelief. Her home of 12 years gone before her eyes. We can't even describe what I'm thinking. My mind is not even really connecting with it all yet and yet there it is. Reporter: Tense flames have already destroyed a home and engulfed this car. Similar scenes across this area as the wind continues to blow. It's only fanning the flames here in southern California. It is definitely heartbreaking. Reporter: Derek Olson's family home gone in hours but his faith remains. Our faith in god is what gets us through this. We know that our god has our backs and, you know, we're just going to see what happens next. Reporter: In Los Angeles county over 150,000 forced from their homes by the fast-moving creek fire. Three firefighters hurt fighting that blaze overnight as crews in Santa Clarita battle back a third fire jumping highways and burning in two counties this morning. And so far this morning where we are we've only seen relatively calm winds and that's affecting the speed of these flames. Certainly the people in la Conchita are seizing the opportunity to get to safety while at the same time hoping these flames spare their hopes.

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{"id":51609834,"title":"Wildfires burn over 70K acres across Southern California","duration":"3:50","description":"The largest of the fires has destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings in Ventura County and forced more than 27,000 residents to evacuate. ","url":"/GMA/video/wildfires-burn-70k-acres-southern-california-51609834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}