Will and Kate: Should You Date Your Ex Again?

Stacy London and David Alan Grier debate whether it's OK to breakup and makeup.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Will and Kate: Should You Date Your Ex Again?
time to go "toe to toe." We have a good one for you. Should you redate your ex? Kate and will did it. They broke up and got back together. It worked out very, very well. We have a picture of them actually to prove they're affectionate. . To prove they're back together. And this couple from buffalo, new york. They're tygue the knot again tomorrow, 48 years after they got divorced. So, we love that. But it does beg the question. Yeah, it does. A recent study in fact. From kansas state university said that couples, that break up and make up are less satisfied with their partner and more uncertain about their future together. I can't imagine why. It worked so well the first time. Representing the female point of view is the host of tlc's "what not to wear" and the author of upcoming book "the truth about style." Stacy london is with us. And from the male perspective. We have david alan grier. Come on out. . Hi. How are you? Everybody is wearing green, love it. So nice. Okay, david. Redate th ex, your thoughts? As any gentlemen would want to to say, I say ladies first. We're going "toe to toe." I'm in an open-toe sandal today. You know, I have mixed feelings about it. At first I thought, god, you should never date your exagain. Forget it. Really, let it go. If you broke up, you broke up. You know what I'm saying? Move on to greener pastures. Then I got to think about it. Frankly there's always that little bit of worry that maybe you're going to lose the love of your life. Do you know what I mean? Like you're going to let him go. There's always that fear like go back, try one more time. David? Can I jump in here? Yeah. Here is my thought. You should never date an ex. . Like my therapist once told me. It's like alcoholism or drug addiction, or smoking. You quit. If you start back, you're going right back where you started. This that's not fair. Look at kate and will. Here's what I think. You can date your ex, if, say you meet someone, you all are dating, it's amazing. Okay. I got to go work on a submarine for two years. Okay. So there's no bad time, or I got to go on the space shuttle. Or they put me in a time machine. That does not count. Yeah, but you don't date the guy who got arrested. You don't date the guy that was a bad breakup, you have a flame -- there's a clear submarine clause. I'm not saying that it was a healthy relationship. You can't say I broke up because you cheated on me. Yes. Agreed. But don't you think that people -- people go back and say, oh, timing was off. Or god, I haven't met anybody that sparks my flame the way that guy did. You always talk yourself back into it. It's like you know them -- I've done it. What do you do with those old shoes? You wear them for a while, then you look at them in the sunlight and say it's got a hole in them. They're going back in the closet. You're not putting them in the closet you're regifting them or giving them to charity. There's a costly study that proves, if you date your exes, you have issues. You have unresolved issues. If you were my best friend and asked, should I get back with this guy? He didn't hurt you or anything. You have to resolve those issues. Go to therapy and work on it. It's not going to resolve it themselves. You mean go back with -- work with that person. Look at you. But very few people do that. People, most people believe in romanticism. Love at first sight. If we really love each year, it will work out. That doesn't exist either. If you do go back with your ex, the point is it's with new eyes, both come to the table admitting the mistake us had before. If you made a mistake. We just torched every fairy tale. People watching at home, you're no love -- do you believe in love, then? I believe in love. Wow. Love through work? No. It's just a big question. Do you believe in love? Like should you date your ex? You know, I think that's a little smaller. Yeah, of course I believe in love. Of course. All right. But love takes work. Yes. It takes compromise. It does. You have to give up everything! . That's love. I don't think everything. It really works best if you take a 48-year break. You at home, should you date your ex? Shockingly 37% said no. 27% still believe in fairy tales. That's all right. hook up with your ex, I'm all for that. Hook up with your ex.

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{"id":16923798,"title":"Will and Kate: Should You Date Your Ex Again?","duration":"3:00","description":"Stacy London and David Alan Grier debate whether it's OK to breakup and makeup.","url":"/GMA/video/will-and-kate-should-you-date-your-ex-again-16923798","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}