Wolfgang Puck Dishes Up Oscar Feast Sneak Peek

World-famous chef has prepared dinner for the Academy Awards 18 times.
3:22 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wolfgang Puck Dishes Up Oscar Feast Sneak Peek
Gonna get a sneak peek at the amazing movie star Fred Wolfgang Puck is preparing for all the top stars this is -- eighteenth time whipping up the -- delicacies for the Hollywood elite. And -- well. I got the first taste. The governor's ball the first stop for all the big winners on Oscar Sunday but we got to go behind the scenes for. -- -- -- Don't know if that. Time of the year again I'm surprised that there are behind with just two days until -- big show it's kitchen is on fire. Ruling hey guys don't I don't know what else I have I have Rabin and -- -- has tobacco. Back an -- 15100 guests will be read it over fifty dishes from one by blunders like his signature mini movie cheeseburgers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To his new Shanghai lobster with -- -- her. But back at them. -- -- -- -- He even still be the secret to this chicken -- -- a down home favorite with one to give it to wins. You know just above my favorite can do at home -- leave the -- -- an -- big chunks like. So what I do it's he what they're chicken stock. And cannot readily available and the -- Mississippi and nobody who -- -- the -- Iowa it's. Another round of the Bob Dole valuable than -- -- them and it's so good now. Would be the way it is -- -- -- Robbins you can see him. I just -- the most fuel would have put up -- that governments Isiah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Beats and -- you know we have yeah yeah it's not you know what. Then become livid about basically I want -- break and they -- we have Megan's -- about. Forty minutes how many of these you don't have to -- on Monday I think I'd want to make about it houses of the blood on them because. You bring -- -- so what does it take to pull off tens of thousands of perfect portions. Take a culinary staff of 350. And -- one serious grocery list including 5000. Eggs 1450. Pounds of lobster. -- -- 20000 pieces of micro greens -- my kilos of caviar at 800 pounds of chocolate and some of that chocolate we'll go into Wolfgang stainless many Oscars covered an edible gold and the rest well it's almost out of this world have been. This every gonna have that means maybe so when people look at -- does. Hey believe anything needs me is -- that -- -- -- plus -- Yet there are OK tell you about as it once in the coming that this sentence -- -- -- So what does not -- -- that ever it ever wanted to. Maybe it's not like that Lindsay didn't you see more honest -- yeah. And happy -- the idea okay. I know I said it before I'll say it again I love my job.

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{"id":15782828,"title":"Wolfgang Puck Dishes Up Oscar Feast Sneak Peek","duration":"3:22","description":"World-famous chef has prepared dinner for the Academy Awards 18 times.","url":"/GMA/video/wolfgang-puck-dishes-oscar-feast-sneak-peek-15782828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}