Wolfgang Puck's Best Oscar Dish

Why Celebrities Go Crazy for his Chicken Pot Pie.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for Wolfgang Puck's Best Oscar Dish
Hi I'm Cecilia Vega for newsmakers from ABC news and Yahoo! News. After that long Oscars ceremony hungry gas make a run for the the governor's ball where one man has been cooking for Hollywood's -- blisters for two decades now. Wolfgang Puck where -- -- -- restaurants but don't Beverly Hills. This is your twentieth year doing the Oscars which I can't believe yet -- the first thing you do and kitchen. It really -- out to sodomy -- get really busy like for example we make chicken -- by -- -- -- board of governors. They laugh that chicken popped by and there was that make -- whatever you want that we want now ought to -- but by that blocked properly so. On Saturday -- -- -- probably a hundred chicken. Cook -- in his snowboard them slowly. Bit Metz -- Davis and everything and then you have to take them off the bone cut them into smaller. Make -- sell us out of the stock. -- -- -- -- I won't. -- -- a -- it's really and then. Opera thick crust on top and never -- refrigerated so that's really -- can do it up as the only main cause we actually -- in that man's butt and we bake it for 25 -- so I know exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 89 city I know at five minutes to ten -- -- -- -- -- each won't perfectly hot so it makes it really easy. So -- Saturday's your crazy day. -- -- -- Sunday he must be right up to the wire before they -- -- until you have -- -- because on their behalf to get ready then it's real property have to have defrost or demonstrated because the people. Will come there only they can get a -- that led the bond and have little appetite says -- might be. Leader Pete says there might be little qwest's announcement that owns or is there might be -- -- and XPS regularly prop -- on it. So -- a little bites and -- -- beach Leone live Japanese food. So we have that some people get some little bites and then now we wait up to the show is over and then. Everybody's face but because we make so many different basis so we have weighed -- -- come up let's say it. Bob -- -- and like I remember last about what's right -- was hitting me dad dale bandwidth dot Chong terrible attack and meted out. Alan and Marilyn -- and maybe if you lot of people. So I tested okay putting -- so what do I -- Obama's present -- -- to reap what operates out they'll. Macaroni -- is -- metropolis at 6 -- what I add some. -- obviously still had some drops that so they had ordered. Small -- that they've had just tasting them it's that loud noises but lately and I don't want the case right now I'm learning Barbara Streisand likes her truffles and her chicken pot -- who else. What are the other celebrity -- as you can dish -- Well I think everybody tries so many different things you know we have not -- -- that amendment banning. Last time -- ask what governor -- -- he had on his and I might add that up so what's the village has just McMahon not a laughs I don't care about the -- you know -- -- Loves our PP if I get chemical develop and that slice -- and they were the prophet and if at a degenerates that she's -- medium -- which are gonna come. Are gonna set up that way desperate -- -- -- and items and chicken I have or being a bit of Arafat. Your menus have a lot of the gain -- vegetarian items and at first I was reading it I was kind of laughing because I thought. Is this is sign of how picky or just skinny and anyone in Hollywood think this is. Everybody talks about. -- being -- that Japan and then at the and they eat meat and chicken but -- You can burning and I I don't like the about that because once -- get this man of that that -- -- candidates that's it sounds like -- theme that I am noticing is something for everybody. You know what it's sixty inhabit Bieber is like having 16100 children in on them -- up on that same that's what everybody -- things. There wannabes special audience especially breast don't want something and the good -- has I have to pickets and so we actually cared so. Almost -- -- when people want something you know we can do it.

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{"id":22656020,"title":"Wolfgang Puck's Best Oscar Dish ","duration":"3:00","description":"Why Celebrities Go Crazy for his Chicken Pot Pie.","url":"/GMA/video/wolfgang-pucks-best-oscar-dish-22656020","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}