Woman Goes Missing During Cruise With Boyfriend

Family and friends question Fariba Amani's relationship.
2:36 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Woman Goes Missing During Cruise With Boyfriend
It's a mystery at sea now for rebound -- disappeared last week during a luxury cruise with a new boyfriend. Which has your family and the FBI raising serious questions about their relationship. NBC's -- -- joins us from Miami with the story good morning Matt. A good morning George that's right -- -- Stanley says that the last person to see her her boyfriend probably knows more than. He's letting on they say she didn't drink was not suicidal and that her disappearance could not have been accident. The last place this 47 year old mother of two was seen was aboard this celebration cruise ship when they agree point nine. The next morning for rebook a money was gone vanished -- investigators. Somewhere between Freeport Bahamas and the port of Palm Beach. The last person to see her this man her boyfriend of eight months when the school shunning. -- Shelby tells investigators at 1 AM he learns some money at a gift shop while he -- to the casino. Afterward he went to bed. When he woke the next morning it felt she wasn't in the room he says he searched the -- himself. By 8 AM Gilbert the -- she was miss the Coast Guard has now searched 1000 square miles of the Atlantic and found nothing. But -- money sister believes school Shawnee may not be telling the whole truth -- Don't think it was accidental she didn't shrink she couldn't of just stumbled and fallen off board. Police have not named -- -- suspect but her sister's as a money herself had questions about the relationship. Apparently consulting the private investigator. Because she thought he was cheating. She set her boyfriend was. Extremely controlling the and I needed to know every move of every minute of the day of word -- was what's more her sister says they're fairly never medical shining. And that this -- her first was to be a final litmus test for the couple. There was an on and off relationship. It was rocky short on clues and long on questions the FBI says it's all the case but won't comment we are. Struggling. To understand exactly what's going on. Both Johnny has not spoken with the family but. Told the Vancouver sun I haven't slept for ten hours in one week last week at this time when we're sitting and watching the comedy show on the ship. Two hours after this she was missing. Now -- Johnny who declined ABC request for an interview has since hired a lawyer and that cruise ship company. The family has blamed them for disembarking and -- loading the whole another load of passengers on way too quickly they say everything. Is now in the hands of the FBI George I think that thanks.

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{"id":15875434,"title":"Woman Goes Missing During Cruise With Boyfriend ","duration":"2:36","description":"Family and friends question Fariba Amani's relationship.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-missing-cruise-boyfriend-15875434","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}