One Woman's Journey Through 100 Dates

After five relationships in six years, Elise Moreno says her goal is not to find a new boyfriend, but to explore herself.
2:04 | 07/02/14

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Transcript for One Woman's Journey Through 100 Dates
dealing with. Good to remember. And a summer of love for a San Francisco woman. She's vowed to go on 1 hundred dates. She's calling it 100 dates of summer. And the reasons for doing it might surprise you. Abbie Boudreau has her story. Reporter: 100 dates of summer. Sounds like a movie title, doesn't it? For Alease, it's better than a Ro rom-com, it's her life. It's not to get a boyfriend, but explore myself and get to know other people. Reporter: A self admitted serial Mo nothing mist, single and loving it. It's extreme, but fun. Reporter: Blogging, and even posting photos and video. I have a two-drink maximum rule. Pretty important for my safety. I can go on second dates, but think don't count towards the total. Reporter: From coffee indicates and concerts to putt-putt golf. She started the dating experiment two months ago, already on 32 dates, meeting the matches on okay Only three not to great ones. They know about the project. I'm not trying to trick anybody, not trying to pull one over. Not even trying to get free dinners. Reporter: Relationship expert said 100 dates is bound to lead to some rejection. If you're going on a hundred dates, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster. A hundred dates could mean 98, 99, 97 rejections sfrejections. Reporter: And drawing day from the dates, sharing advice. I think the energy you put out is what's going to be bounced back to you. Reporter: And while she's hopeful to make it to date 100, it's less about the number and more about finding her own voice again. I'm just going one day, one date at a time. Reporter: For "Gma," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Los Angeles.

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{"id":24394525,"title":"One Woman's Journey Through 100 Dates","duration":"2:04","description":"After five relationships in six years, Elise Moreno says her goal is not to find a new boyfriend, but to explore herself.","url":"/GMA/video/womans-journey-100-dates-24394525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}