Woman's Limited Diet Includes Ice Cream, White Bread, Potato Chips

Linsey Davis interviews a mother who has been a picky eater her whole life.
3:00 | 10/26/12

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Transcript for Woman's Limited Diet Includes Ice Cream, White Bread, Potato Chips
You know how hard it is to get kids to eat their greens. Look at one woman who has never grown out of it. She's only eaten three things her whole life. Not a single fruit or vegetable on the list. Linsey davis has the story. What's this stuff? Some cereal. Reporter: These guys never thought they would get finicky mikey to like life cereal. He likes it. Hey, mikey. Reporter: And children are known for their extremely picky eating habits. But you never met a picky eater quite like marla. Any hummus? No. Reporter: Not a single thing in this aisle you would eat? No. Reporter: Would you go banana bread, maybe? Reporter: At 54-year-olds old, she eats like a toddler. She's never eaten a piece of fruit or tried a green vegetable. For as long as she can remember, her daily diet has consisted of three things, milk, including ice cream, white bread like crackers and tortillas and potatoes, like chips or fries. And sometimes bacon. You don't like the taste? It's generally a texture issue. It's food sensitivity. Reporter: Marla says her picky eating started as an infant. We went shopping with her at fairway market in new york city. And almost nothing made it into the cart. Nothing about this looks advertising? No. I'd just as soon eat this as i would eat your shoe. Reporter: Seriously? Seriously. Reporter: Even things she likes she's picky about. You do these crackers? Not the whole-grain. Reporter: The snack aisle. That's how you eat. It's the dinner aisle. Reporter: Her all-time favorite, potato chips. Fresh and potatoy. Reporter: You get bored if you eat the same food every day. Although it's limited, i enjoy it and do love what I eat. Reporter: People are going to hear you say what it is you will eat. And they will say, this lady wants to eat junk food. I've heard that all my life. It's embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Reporter: Dr. Nancy zucker who studies picky eaters at duke university says she's not alone. We don't know what adult picky eating is. What we do know, we think it is real. And it's a biologically influenced condition. No one thinks these individuals are faking it. Reporter: Often times at parties, she feels she needs to hide her eating habits. She'll say she's already eaten or carry around a drink. But despite marla's heavy carb and vegetable-free diet, she says she's healthy. Your cholesterol? 174. I eat a bag of fries every day. That's my main staple. Let's get more from dr. Jennifer ashton. She looks okay. But this can't be healthy. There's a lot more to good health than just a number. There's a lot more to being unhealthy than your diet. Ideally, you eat a variety of good foods. Raw vegetables, fruits, lean protein, the healthy fats. Can you get vitamins from fortified foods? And she's not the only one who eats like this. And she doesn't necessarily have control over this. 100%. This is a real entity. The american psychiatric is considering adding this to the formal disorders. Think of this as claustrophobia, fear of tight spaces, only for food. Dr. Jennifer ashton.

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{"id":17571035,"title":"Woman's Limited Diet Includes Ice Cream, White Bread, Potato Chips","duration":"3:00","description":"Linsey Davis interviews a mother who has been a picky eater her whole life.","url":"/GMA/video/womans-limited-diet-includes-ice-cream-white-bread-17571035","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}