Women Calls Out Bad Hair Cut in Salon

"What Would You Do?" aims to see whether people side with unhappy customers
2:47 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Women Calls Out Bad Hair Cut in Salon
Okay Traci you know. Finally came with a -- you know. -- fighters he's promising a law. And cheese eating it right. But what happens at this hair stylists are scared to -- turns -- good hair don't. -- references pretending she's got an important interview -- a conservative law professor. -- actor pretending he knows what he's doing. Now. Which you speak up for this jobs period shoes to intimidate and say anything herself. I'm for the big -- that I'm so excited for you OK for. All are liable might -- When I was little brains and you clearly not everyone things -- looks fantastic. And this woman wastes no time putting. So not the -- can -- this quick fix straight now. She's pretty reasonable. So -- your -- or something. And it's. It's the best thing you ever seen I don't know -- from the violent predator. Thank you we'll -- -- -- homework together. So -- a plant but you balls walks away as -- -- returns. From. Very I know. We're confident -- -- be totally get back to duplicate factory is. Now she's right in the middle of the if he comes back we'll talk of the -- that's horrible. -- -- -- -- Will see about. Okay Traci if you look gorgeous I think he's like the best thing ever. I'm an artist this is what I -- this is my -- the woman told you balls she'd support him but Tracy's also asked. So -- she's going to do now. -- I spoke to Bernie -- Nothing against. You and what kind of -- the equipment gotten trapped there for him but her hair up right now -- ago. You don't think I'm just gonna have to bring up the master stylist. I'm here and -- You were so diplomatic to the both asked to take their side. I think a lot of women have been in that position -- need to get your hair done and don't like it leave you pay for it but it's -- older and getting. Speak -- and.

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{"id":15985560,"title":"Women Calls Out Bad Hair Cut in Salon","duration":"2:47","description":"\"What Would You Do?\" aims to see whether people side with unhappy customers","url":"/GMA/video/women-calls-bad-hair-cut-salon-15985560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}