Soccer Fever Takes Over as US Advances in World Cup

Despite a 1-0 loss to Germany, Team USA will advance to the next round of the FIFA World Cup tournament.
4:50 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Soccer Fever Takes Over as US Advances in World Cup
So much the -- excited about teen USA escaping. Yet despite that one nothing loss to Germany. Twitter exploded as -- in the sole goal of the game was scored once dead -- -- yeah. ABC's Bob Woodruff right in the middle of it all that soccer fever in Sao Paulo Brazil good morning Bob. Well good morning Georgia this is the field with the United States is came back here last night. It's got -- vendors they United States did lose yesterday to Germany but the more important thing to move us forward. We needed Gama also lose at the same time to Portugal and that's exactly what happened. It is saturated. House. So in a ruling match played in heavy rain in the United States want without -- in the. Advancing to the knockout stage of the World Cup Thursday despite losing to Germany won nothing. Overall I think it's it's just fantastic achievement Germany coming out fighting right from the start fraction after having one more data -- than the Americans. Relentless pressure -- in the US summer he's. It's horrible US midfielder Jermaine Jones colliding with teammate -- Andrew Padilla. Breaking his -- reminder how physical -- of his beat the Americans hanging tough until Germany scored the lone goal of the match. 55 minutes into the game. The US trying unsuccessfully. To tie up the school. Elected in the last game on better note not losing adding to the drama -- Gama beat Portugal and their game Thursday. The US would have had less -- a chance to advance to the next round. But with the score tied one each Portuguese superstar Cristiano -- scores late in the game. That winning -- saving the US guaranteeing the Americans move on to the next round. We did enough to advance and now here we are we can start to dream and hopefully -- economics and upsets. -- American fans across the globe glued to the TV. Bars restaurants corporate conference rooms even American military bases happy their team is on to the next round. Look at. And -- that yeah. Now in the next couple of days the US will be heading back up to Salvador the beautiful town. Other northeast coast of Brazil that -- plan against Belgium on Thursday nights a team that we played against a year ago we lost fortitude of the United States -- So Belgium's going to be a very very tough team -- all right Bob thank you very much I love all the locations where people watching George is watching from Air Force One with the president okay. -- top that everybody thought that he has in soccer analyst Alexia Wallace joins us now. For Rio and the -- -- -- let's look forward right now at that the Belgium and how -- -- through -- -- so mentally and physically taxing. How do they -- team USA where this next round. Well I think the physical part -- obviously do the things you need to do you get the rest to get the hydration I think. The mental part actually I'm not worried about because this is a whole new tournament now that you've gotten out of the blues and by the way it's gotten out of the group of death. Anything can happen it's you win you -- want you lose you go home that's -- what they have incredible support that they're feeling from back home and never have I have I've been happier to be. Proving wrong everybody the -- I think with getting out of the group but. I believe the -- that they -- -- the different ways in which they played all three games with that absolutely phenomenal your -- Kenney 43 guys have been. Absolutely phenomenal in the way that they have gotten out of this group also tell us about Belgium a lot of top players and welcome we expect. We'll look belted his this team where they've been talking about this golden generation lot of talk about players like -- how hard. Fellini deploying these types of players that are coming into their own so this is a different type of -- situation for the US where. In the in the previous games we've seen. They've been the underdog I don't think -- the underdog I don't think they should be your -- maybe that's not good because they've been very good -- playing the underdog role. But regardless they get on Tuesday to played against a very good Belgian team in the round of sixteen and if you had told me a month ago. That this -- where they would be. I wouldn't -- -- -- you know what they are making a point of making. Me look stupid which isn't which isn't that hard. And I can't wait to see what happens on Tuesday it now you believe values believe all right -- thanks -- now I believe kept following credit here. We're gonna talk -- -- our goalie Tim Howard. Just ahead -- knock out round begins tomorrow too big games right here on ABC starting at 11:30 AM eastern again teen USA playing on Tuesday.

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{"id":24329680,"title":"Soccer Fever Takes Over as US Advances in World Cup","duration":"4:50","description":"Despite a 1-0 loss to Germany, Team USA will advance to the next round of the FIFA World Cup tournament.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}