USA's Tim Howard on Advancing Past the World Cup 'Group of Death'

The soccer goalie talks about his team and their next opponent in Brazil.
2:22 | 06/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for USA's Tim Howard on Advancing Past the World Cup 'Group of Death'
The GMA -- the World Cup and one big reason teen USA's dream is still alive as the outstanding play of goalie Tim Howard who joins us from Brazil. This morning -- congratulations for the second World Cup in a row advancing on to the round. Of sixteen what's the feeling of the team right now. Tired message. We got a lot of traveling for lot of hard work but. We're proud of each other fans and the accomplishment of getting out of the group. Managers who advance on the World Cup the special so what -- you coach -- after the game yesterday. It is not much of a talker after the game he gave us the -- -- a talking to a halftime didn't know until it's a step it up but after the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll after the game yet we -- singer Emilio thing Clint back Clint Dempsey. -- out of -- on social media lot of shirtless guy the locker room a lot of smiles. So what did you tell your team. And you know from. Myself and Michael Bradley got pulled into into drug test himself. It was and diplomatic for -- really get a chance to celebrate too much but. You know -- -- guys -- just excited you know on it and it it really says a lot about christianity and get over excited that we expect to -- in the next round. Valuing the group would definitely expected advance and we have our sights set on Belgium and tell us a little -- about -- -- very familiar with their players. Yeah I play with three of their of their top players and I've played against a lot of them and then -- -- -- itself. -- itself -- but but we're tough matchup for anybody and we feel like the way we're playing right now we're gonna give them a good game. -- we expect that from you as -- because we believe we certainly do believe. And did get any jail time I know the family is there with you now they're able to go to the to practicing getting any kind of rest before Tuesday. A little bit. Not too much it's it's it's super focused on on playing every -- again. They'll throw some bone analysis Jeff Ellis -- -- -- -- for dinner but. More often than not they're here to see games and -- -- place so. Hollywood epic game face on I know do you guys are not content you want to keep going. All right -- him hey I hope you will Iowa allowed to enjoy yourself just a little bit and we'll be seeing you on Tuesday. He'd take care -- you.

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{"id":24330034,"title":"USA's Tim Howard on Advancing Past the World Cup 'Group of Death'","duration":"2:22","description":"The soccer goalie talks about his team and their next opponent in Brazil.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}