Out of This World: Why Gingrich Wants to Go to Space and Says GOP Turmoil is Healthy

The former Speaker of the House discusses his new book and the future of the Republican Party.
4:48 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Out of This World: Why Gingrich Wants to Go to Space and Says GOP Turmoil is Healthy
-- Hello and welcome to top line on ABC's Rick Klein and Olivier -- of Yahoo! News and we're here with the former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich who's written a book I think number 27 -- that the bookshelf that is now sagging under the weight of Gingrich spoke the new one it's called break out let's talk about some of the issues you -- in the book -- -- about space you talk about health sciences you talk about energy technology. Government advances have led the way in a lot of those areas -- you talk about government -- being in the way right now. Government as an investor in -- -- search. Is enormously important and we wouldn't have the jet airplane wouldn't have the Internet without long consistent governor investment. Government has any regulator. And government as an implement -- as much weaker so -- -- look at massive -- The one period of -- national the first nine years when they want to bureaucracy it. And they haven't gotten back to that that excitement that dynamic that adventurism. And won't. So I rotate most of the NASA budget and I would turn into prizes for the private sector. And when I talk to people in the private sector who were doings space projects they all -- do -- for ten to 20% of the cost of government project. Just because a difference in the game implementation -- There are some initiatives coming on -- -- to put passenger service. Spaceflight will Newt Gingrich go to space -- -- -- a -- -- -- this is a good example of what's -- -- current political system. I gave a serious speech in Florida -- space -- outlining a very bold strategy. We we'll have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be American. -- I got savaged. But by two of my competitors. Romney and Santorum who who deliberately distorted the speech. I -- -- had ridiculed by Saturday Night Live. -- -- it is our view -- didn't. Everything we need a few -- is saved and I shall leave them. -- Newt Gingrich and I approve. This craziest that Greta Van Susteren was the one person last a key question she said. You -- she was startling to her. How different the reaction was to John F. Kennedy. Made clear that the Guantanamo and if it can't -- do the other thing. Not because they are unique but because they are -- When no one had been in space. We had no vehicles that can get to the -- and he sort of any -- decade. And the American optimism of 1961. Said that's cool let's go -- the American impressionism of 2012 said that's absurd. Why are you wasting energy. In the book you depict a tension between. America's past and and America's future do you feel like the Republican Party is moving in the right direction now are you among those who feel like -- -- to a lot of ways you move back -- -- -- The turmoil. I think opposition parties use the time and opposition to think when you see for example Chris Christie. Fewer presents real change when you listen to Rand Paul he represents will change. You gonna see a lot of tension and a lot of primary fights. But I think that's not healthy and that's in -- a sign of every survivor movement which -- the Newt Gingrich corrections I think that in fact there's a direction different from either of them. Which is to look for the pioneers the future. But the -- Chris Christie or repairing -- Scott Walker John Casey there's more interest being evolution under -- at the state level -- -- in Washington. Remember another larger than life governor a moderate Republican elected to a big state and and Iran in the media said this could be the future of the Republican Party in any and Arnold Schwarzenegger did not in fact transform the national party Schwarzenegger had great potential very attractive articulate and entrepreneurial figure. Who gradually accommodated the Democrats in Sacramento. Because you couldn't -- and in the path forward. And I think that was unfortunate lesson for let you go a note on Virginia Kentucky -- -- is this going to be a repudiation of the Tea Party movement. And they say more about the candidates in the movement I think it also says a lot of them Collison -- raise money he is a Hillary Clinton total devoting. He will spend half his time as governor trying to open them in the presence. I think it is a sign of the power the Clinton machine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And getting to Richmond is governor there -- be -- tribute to -- persistence and the bill and Hillary's ability to build a strategic machine. Former house speaker Newt Gingrich the new book is -- congratulations on that thank you -- -- -- here. That does it for this edition of top line you can watch us all week long that he BC news.com and -- Yahoo! News you can catch me on Twitter at Rick -- follow me on to order -- Dogs and a -- What -- next.

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{"id":20795752,"title":"Out of This World: Why Gingrich Wants to Go to Space and Says GOP Turmoil is Healthy","duration":"4:48","description":"The former Speaker of the House discusses his new book and the future of the Republican Party.","url":"/GMA/video/world-gingrich-space-gop-turmoil-healthy-20795752","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}