The World's Most Expensive Pedicure

London's "Queen of Feet" reveals the secret ingredient for baby-smooth feet.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for The World's Most Expensive Pedicure
-- Moscow -- adult world and runs. So we -- here to meet the queen none no of that queen the queen speaks. Moderate -- is a -- my search of the stalls you could actually called the sole discretion. She's also the -- of the world's most expensive got a -- So let's get to get a house officials told me to clean face -- -- have no idea -- like opening the -- Net income great and great -- that I alphabet to -- She -- nailed Venetian luxury look at an instructive to look from -- well heeled like Scheffler totals that. Similarly Alan models such as such be dull and -- -- she's even the woman prince Harry's go for an precedent by evidence. Apparently relies on to hopeful -- to the red carpet style ceilings and that's it was. -- being held lengthy witness in attendance. And if you're serious about you'll still episodes don't settle for anything other than a signature had a joke plummet more than most people's -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So this is called on the Hispanics -- this economy can. -- -- -- -- Canada -- -- -- just make it simple cupcakes that I -- respect his maneuvers votes. Feel about the great -- about making you a line will be in China's MFN I'm wolf creek play. Talked to is a total -- makers using a precision ladies. In LA feasible without any ability -- has just culmination of an out. Maybe people that had I'm going -- infections to its border hopping in and now back. Telling -- to minimize. -- parts of the world's most expensive package continues. Tell me. Well we only what is that states if -- puppetry and this is -- treatment of people couple who or -- the wild. Thanks -- Use the special crashed crystal -- -- This groups -- And you it's and that -- -- her but her parents drama continues over the fate of 100 patient so my aging ring clean feet. We'll look like a few Super Bowl as the annual everybody sick when -- it looked like fun places they. The world's most expensive pedicure ends with a relaxing -- -- with soft music and low noise. Finally -- chance to Wanda. Who's going to foot the bill. What if you can't quite stretch to blank -- -- 500 boxed for headed. I think when -- -- she's agreed to be happy if they killed and he should be directed more -- has saving -- that you have an -- -- The palace still very very -- plans afoot to sweat you can't actually see it straight -- again if he treats. Go to confession I'm bit embarrassed about my feet I think they might be too intense heat come with but it took -- What do you think. -- in last. Again -- jury convicted and distillate. This is gonna take quite some time does anyone can do it. This is -- filled with adult world. A little ashamed of my feet right now -- London.

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{"id":23001011,"title":"The World's Most Expensive Pedicure","duration":"3:00","description":"London's \"Queen of Feet\" reveals the secret ingredient for baby-smooth feet.","url":"/GMA/video/worlds-expensive-pedicure-23001011","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}