'WWYD?': Drunk Dad Forces Kid to Drive

Bystanders unaware of hidden cameras took serious issue with father's actions.
4:21 | 01/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'WWYD?': Drunk Dad Forces Kid to Drive
They don't they remember the -- we've covered about a Detroit dad facing charges of child abuse for having his nine year old daughter drive new convenience store because he was too drunk to drive himself. -- that has inspired ABC's what would you do it returns tonight. John communicated to us about Martin George you know we're back with a brand new season -- this -- -- happens all too often parents. Who have too much to drank asking their kids to get behind the wheel and drive them. Home what would you do -- faced with that. We know mothers are against it there are foundations to prevent. And friends aren't supposed to let friends drive drunk yeah he's feeling. This person would -- quite obviously my all into that don't drive categorized. But what if she wasn't trying to get behind them we can but instead get in the class and asking for -- -- One man that's Sammy hit stuff but when you know -- -- get involved. These people -- -- has been Marcy. Carlo -- This that's man approaches the -- with some of them in addition bullet in the meantime. -- the next words -- of his mouth and -- it's. Friday night at ten and drive me. Behind us. And it's okay great if they're buying I will drive at the moment comes. Turns out this man works right above are seen -- taking place. My body won't return to his business before taking care of her is she's given on the -- way -- Nearby to get want to -- While making a local. What happened when she tries to have her -- Drive away. It turns out he -- Ladies and he was just getting -- to enter his secretary in front. You're going to be okay knowing everything's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On this gas station surveillance -- a shocking admission from the moderately -- All over the country parents arrested for using their children sometimes. -- -- -- -- can't. He's got the -- -- every it's now at lunchtime and so the -- and every one has come -- the -- but -- Point like this. That you don't have my -- here -- my. American actor I didn't see them and nobody like them who uses humor to level of our active -- -- way. Have been amazing -- big old car. How -- We had kids taking guys didn't do I she she dances yeah how mark -- -- -- mama let me hold onto those teeth again I'm not. Yeah hey -- first offered doesn't word and she makes notre -- -- look at how about I drive you home. And I have -- -- lenient and other capital equipment I want how to drive you. How about that. Inoculated goodness we -- right okay okay mommy you know what if there's somebody -- -- begins its. She manages to keep -- cool. That is until we come -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You always just this sort of thing there is it applies to affect care has likely -- -- it takes a village. We love love trees you know Martin Luther King once said our lives Begin to end the day we become silent about things. That mattered to got a lot more about and -- and it's a great story airs tonight at 9:8 central.

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{"id":15402737,"title":"'WWYD?': Drunk Dad Forces Kid to Drive","duration":"4:21","description":"Bystanders unaware of hidden cameras took serious issue with father's actions.","url":"/GMA/video/wwyd-drunk-dad-forces-kid-drive-15402737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}