New Yahoo poll finds more than half of US adults have tried pot

Yahoo correspondent Andrew Romano shares a new report that looks at marijuana use in the United States.
3:57 | 04/17/17

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Transcript for New Yahoo poll finds more than half of US adults have tried pot
We turn to the eye-opening new report about marijuana and the American family. Perceptions are changing in a big way as the drug becomes legal for recreational use in more and more states. Take a look. From showtime's "Weeds" -- I'm not a dealer, I'm a mother. Reporter: All the way back to the anti-marijuana film, "Reefer madness." We have come a long way on how we view marijuana. Legalized marijuana. Reporter: Today, as state after state legalizes medicinal use, now recreation nal use. A new report shows that 5 a 4% of people who said they use marijuana and 51% who say they use it regularly are parents. Today, most Americans believe regular tobacco use and alcohol use pose bigger health risks than regular marijuana use. The eye-opening numbers set to ignite a conversation about what may be an increasing role for marijuana at home. So to talk about it now, joining us Yahoo! Correspondent Andrew Romano and our own senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton. I want to talk to you, Andrew, about the numbers. The Yahoo! Report found 47% of parents who use marijuana do it in front of their own kids or with them. What is this about? It's a sign of the changing times. This used to be something you hid from your paints or parents would hide from you. Looking at the poll, 60% of parent who is quhuz say their kids know they do. 70% of adult children who use it say their paints know that do. A huge difference from the past. I'll say. It wasn't long ago it was considered taboo. We're talking just about recreat recreational use. This is the xhoes commonly used illegal psychoactive substance in the world. There's a lot we don't know. We don't know the effects on the developing brain. There was a recent study that found metabolytes of marijuana in children's urine from second hand smoke. Zh did your studies show that children of pot smokers, are they smoking more pot? We didn't find it in our study. But there is evidence from states where sit legalized. E spoke to governor John hickenlooper. He said teen use is down. He was opposed to the legalization. That fear has not come to pass. Why you to think it's down? Because it's kind of more out there, more available? It's more -- it might be harder for teens to get. There are fewer drug dealers selling it on the the street because the market is legalized. That's what their finding anecdotally in Colorado. What do you want to tell parents? Ments I think the verdict still out. Parents, as always, they have to do what feels rig for them. Ask for professional held and assistance from experts. You need to start with the basics in discussion. The facts are clear, marijuana, like any drug, can be dangerous. They need to be very clear about the rules and boundaries and expectations. And adolescence is not the time for use. They need on to be honest. Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, all of sit dangerous. Potentially.

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{"id":46835969,"title":"New Yahoo poll finds more than half of US adults have tried pot","duration":"3:57","description":"Yahoo correspondent Andrew Romano shares a new report that looks at marijuana use in the United States.","url":"/GMA/video/yahoo-poll-finds-half-us-adults-pot-46835969","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}