Yeardley Love Family Speaks With Katie Couric

"Katie" host discusses her exclusive interview with family of U. of Virginia student.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for Yeardley Love Family Speaks With Katie Couric
We're going to talk about something that's very close to your heart, stopping violence against young women. I know all of you at home may remember the story of yeardley love, the university student murdered by her former boyfriend. Her mother and sister are speaking out for the first time, an interview that will be aired later on, on "katie." Let's look back at the story. It was the murder that shocked the nation. Yeardley love, the 22-year-old lacrosse player at uva. She was described by friends as passionate and kind-hearted. Almost immediately police honed in on her boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player, george huguely. He said he went through the apartment. And shook love, hitting her head repeatedly on the wall. Prosecutors accused hughley of killing love in a drunken rage. And jurors agreed. In court, her mother, sharon, broke down in tears. Sometimes you think you can bear it and do something positive, she says. Some days, it's unbearable. It never goes away. Of course, it doesn't. And katie is here with us now. And I know when you first got this show, this was a story you wanted to do from the start. Yeah, you know, I was very drawn to this story. I graduated from the university of virginia. And it's such an idyllic place. Idyllic place, it seemed unthinkable, george, something like this could have happened there. Yeardley was about to graduate. Young, vibrant, lacrosse player, everything to look forward to. I have two daughters. Dating violence is something that has always concerned me and interested me because people really don't realize how often it happens. Yeardley's mom and her sister had been so quiet since this first happened, which is completely understandable. But why do they want to speak out now? I think I had developed a relationship with sharon and lexie. And I had won their trust. And I think they're trying to do something positive, as you heard sharon said. Some days, it's unbearable. You try to make something good happen from this. But you know, they formed this foundation, called the one love foundation, where they're trying to educate other young women about the dangers of dating violence. And I think they decided to use this platform to try to do that. And we're going to see the whole interview later today on "katie." But let's look at the clip where you talked to sharon at that moment where she learned what happened. The police came to my door. And I could not figure out why there was a policeman at my door. I thought maybe my dog had barking and disturbing the neighbors. It made no sense to me why a policeman would be there. And he came in. And asked me, if I was yeardley's mother. And kind of just a blur from that point on. I guess, I just didn't believe it for quite a while after i heard. What did he say to you? He said that they had found yeardley. He didn't use -- there was no word of murder or whatever at the time that she was dead in her apartment. And I think that's what he said. I'm not even sure what he said. When he asked me if I was yeardley's mother, I realized something horrible had happened. And I think I shut down. They're such lovely people, george. Sharon's wonderful. Lexie's getting married at the end of the month. And yeardley would have been her maid of honor. And sharon's husband and yeardley and lexie's dad, john, died of prostate cancer in 2003. They called themselves the three muss ket musketeers. We're trying to use the story to of dating violence because it is a serious problem. One of three college women. One of three college women say they've been in abusive relationship. One in ten high school students say they've been physically hurt by a boy or a girl. And there's warnings signs. We have an expert from johns hopkins who is working wit the one love foundation. They have an app that's a risk assessment app, that can be found on joinonelove.Org. And shows if a relationship can turn violence or lethal. And a lot of stars coming forward. Next week, barbra streisand. Demi lovato. Chelsea handler. A lot of great, established and scary women. Not really. Powerful. Maybe that scares you, george. Not at all.

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{"id":17279511,"title":"Yeardley Love Family Speaks With Katie Couric","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Katie\" host discusses her exclusive interview with family of U. of Virginia student.","url":"/GMA/video/yeardley-love-exclusive-interview-katie-couric-katie-host-17279511","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}