'Yukon Men' Brings Viewers to Unchartered Areas

One of TV's hottest reality series follows the daily struggle of the few residents of Tanana, AK.
3:40 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Yukon Men' Brings Viewers to Unchartered Areas
GET OFF. Reporter: Imagine having to hunt for food. Drill through ice to get drinking water and worry about bears every time you left the house. Aah. Reporter: The hit reality show "yukon men" on discovery channel chronicles this daily struggle for survival in one of the most isolated places in the world. Tanana, alaska, filled with wondrous landscapes matched but unforgiving terrain. Whoo-hoo! I don't hat the temperature is but it's not warm. Sam is one of the show's star, my first encounter with a yukon man. He offered me a lesson in dog sledding. Go like that. Use your feet to hold it. you got it. Reporter: Now we're ready to roll. Whoo-hoo! Can run like this for a long time. I've had them run for a hundred miles. Reporter: Afterward stan gave me a tour of his property. It was like going back to the frontier days. This is the the backbone of a moose. Decoration? We got them all over. Yeah, this is a small wolverine. Okay. This is one that I've tanned. I tanned this myself. Reporter: And this isn't something you see every day. Life in these parts may not be easy but each morning the "yukon men" wake up to this. Priceless. Soon I'm off to meet another yukon man, charlie wright. Welcome to tanana. Thank you. Reporter: He'll lead me on a snowmobile tour of canada. Beautiful, beautiful. Reporter: Then a surprise near encounter. Se just literally literally crossed in front of the path. Right here, yeah, you see where he's jumping through the snow running. We just missed him. Can I hear you do your moose call? That's kind of the basic one you would do if you were hunting a moose. Reporter: We continue our journey. Control that by going slow and this is what happens when you don't heed a yukon man's advice. Dude, are you okay? No, I'm fine. Around the corner going a little bit too fast. Actually probably way too fast and I rolled it. Soon we were back on our way and charlie is guiding me over the frozen yukon river, unbelievable. Whoo-hoo! In case you think this is just a man's world, meet courtney. On the show she proves that girl power has a place here. She challenged me to a head-to-head ice drilling contest. It's courtney's turn to show her stuff. Whoa. Congratulations. You're the champion. Luckily courtney's dad pat and her brother tom have decided to give me one more shot so what did they figure would be a worthy test of my manhood? Eels. Pat and his son tom feed eels, lots of them to their 50 sprint dogs. Come on, mathison. You can do this. There you go. Oh! Ah. I'm a horrible yukon man. Horrible. Not everyone is cut out for this way of life. It's full of risks and hardship and these "yukon men" would not have it any other way. Forgood morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, tanana, alaska.

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{"id":18718084,"title":"'Yukon Men' Brings Viewers to Unchartered Areas","duration":"3:40","description":"One of TV's hottest reality series follows the daily struggle of the few residents of Tanana, AK.","url":"/GMA/video/yukon-men-season-brings-viewers-unchartered-areas-tanana-18718084","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}