17 Day Diet: Weight Loss Plan from Dr. Michael Moreno's Book


As we talked, Sharon told me that she no longer had a walking partner so she quit exercising altogether.

"I'll walk with you!" I volunteered. I couldn't bear to see her health slip. And so I became her walking partner. Before long, others joined us. Our walking group became affectionately known as Walk with Your Doc and has swelled to sometimes more than 50 people of all ages. We walk every Tuesday and Thursday morning without fail. I love it, because I thrive on helping people live full, healthy, active lives.

Of course, a huge part of prevention is weight management. You see, the death toll racked up by heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and all the other fat-related diseases is scary. Studies even associate obesity with poor immune function. That makes overweight people more susceptible to infections and cancer. Obesity will kill far more Americans each year than any terrorist would dare dream of taking out.

Everybody knows this. I'm just bringing it up again to remind you that tubs of ice cream and bags full of chips are not worth shortening your life over.

MISTER M.D., CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME Do I have to exercise while on the 17 Day Diet?

Yes, but I won't be asking you to sweat to golden oldies, pump it up or feel the burn. In other words—no overexercising. Since you'll be scaling back on calories, you should do less exercising, or else you'll get too run down and sore, especially during the first two Cycles. I will ask you, however, to do just 17 minutes a day of easy exercising like walking.

The 17 Day Diet has a companion exercise DVD called the 17 Minute Workout that you can purchase from our website, www.the17daydiet.com. It's cardio-based and geared toward pure fat-burning. So put down this book. Do this workout, or go outside and walk around your neighborhood for 17 minutes. Then come back and pick up where you left off.

We're already in so much trouble with trans fats, cheap sugars, excess sodium, and unpronounceable additives jazzing up junk food—stuff that causes your arteries to clog up like rusty pipes. With everything plaguing the American diet, I had to concentrate on creating a program that would be safe, effective and produce quick but lasting results. People had to get the weight off, then learn how to keep it off. I didn't want to tell my patients to go on this diet or that diet because many diets out there are nutritionally unbalanced, hard to follow, or just don't work fast enough to keep you motivated.

Thus, the 17 Day Diet evolved. It uses the latest medical knowledge on nutrition, foods and what the body needs for successful weight loss and good health.

Let me add here: You should check with your own physician before starting this program. Your doctor knows what's best for you. Based on my experience with my own patients, most people who have gotten out of shape over the years can follow the 17 Day Diet and do very well on it, though results can vary.

There Is More to Love about the 17 Day Diet ...

Whether you've got 10 pounds to lose or a hundred, being overweight is one of life's lesser joys. It affects every aspect of your life, maybe some things you never thought about. When you lose weight, practically everything in your life will change for the better. Let's talk about this now.

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