Spring Could Be the Worst Allergy Season Ever

Dodge High Pollen Levels

Avoid line-drying clothing, especially bed linens. Consider exercising inside, or at least avoiding peak pollen hours -- usually mid-day and afternoon. And get in the habit of taking an evening shower to rid your body of pollen before you go to bed. Change your clothing before you head into your bedroom to keep hitchhiking pollen out of your sleeping area.

Cool It

Avoiding setting up fans that suck air from the outdoors into your home. Instead, use indoor air recirculation. You can set your car air conditioner to recirculate to help, too.

Look for Diet Triggers

As many as one in three seasonal allergy sufferers experience unpleasant cross-reactions when they eat certain foods. For instance, oral allergy syndrome (tingling of the mouth or itchy throat) may set in after eating fresh fruits, carrots, celery, or almonds and hazelnut. It's a cross-reaction between the proteins in fruits and nuts and the pollens. If you experience these symptoms, avoid the trigger foods during allergy season.

What do thunderstorms and high gas prices have to do with allergy season?


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