9 Everyday Reasons To Itch

Further complicating matters is that women can get puffiness around their eyes from allergies aside from eye makeup, said Bassett.

Other things women may put on, such as nail polish, may remain on their hands and, when rubbing their eyes, can cause a reaction.

"What's on the skin ... can affect other body areas, depending on where you touch things," said Bassett.

Hair dyes can also present a potential problem, which leads to scalp irritation, so salons may take precautions.

"If you have your hair treatment, sometimes they will give you a chemical to put on your skin," said Bassett.

Ultimately, getting to an allergist or dermatologist will often help get to the root of your skin problems.

Wedding Rings And Other Jewelry Allergies

While you might describe your jewelry as being silver or gold, it probably contains some nickel as well.

"Nickel is an alloy that's used frequently," said Bassett, noting that many women discover their nickel allergies when they get their ears pierced.

The ear piercing itself may also be the source of the allergy, noted Anderson, who said that nickel allergies are more common in women.

The likely reason, he said, is because the piercing leads them to be sensitized to the metal.

Anderson noted that in Europe, there has been a concerted effort to reduce the amount of nickel in jewelry for this reason.

For patients who have a nickel allergy, Nish said that the amount of nickel will depend on the karat of the silver or gold used, and so he recommends that his patients with nickel allergies wear jewelry that is sterling silver or 18 karat gold or above.

Simple skin irritation under a ring may not be a sign of a nickel allergy -- or of an allergy at all.

Anderson noted that some people get soap residue on the skin under rings, and because it is trapped under the ring it stays in contact with the skin for an extended period and is not toweled off.

"You could have an allergic reaction to the soap but it's more likely to be an irritant reaction," he said.


There are many everyday objects that will irritate a nickel allergy, but jeans can be a daily problem.

"One very common place is in snaps and the buttons that hold the pants, if they're metal," said Nish.

In this case, he said, the nickel allergy often "shows up as a fairly significant, itchy red rash on the lower abdomen.

"I probably see that once every few weeks."

He said this type of allergy often shows up among children and teenagers who wear blue jeans that have the metal snap on them.

A number of remedies have been tried with varying success, including tucking in a t-shirt to keep fabric between skin and the metal, or covering the area with nail polish.

He noted that there are some professional products that can be used, but he declined to endorse any of them for all patients.

He said that the popularity of blue jeans makes it hard for nickel allergy sufferers to give them up.

"Sometimes it's hard getting teenagers not to wear pants with metal snaps," he said.

He also noted that the irritation may cycle, and that in some cases the person may not realize something is wrong.

"It may not occur to them that it might be an allergy," he said.

The only way to confirm it is to see a doctor.

"If you have a rash and there's metal involved and there's some kind of pattern, you should get a test," said Bassett.

Deodorant Allergies

Deodorants can cause problems for a variety of reasons.

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