How Can I Find Out The Side Effects Of A Particular Herb, Vitamin Or Supplement?

Brent Bauer, M.D.,

Question: How can I find out the side effects of a particular herb, vitamin or supplement?

Answer: So before you take anything, whether it's over-the-counter, whether it's a dietary supplement, or even if it's something your physician recommended, it's always a good idea to ask: What are the potential side effects? And here for the dietary supplements we have to go to some different sources and do our homework again. And I'm thinking of places like NCCAM, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine actually has a good website with lots of basic information.

Again, other websites such as have a lot of information, specific to these types of questions about dietary supplements, both their effects good, and their effects not so good. And of course whatever you find, bring back to your primary doctor. He or she can then sit down with you and make a decision about: Does this particular drug or dietary supplement actually work for you?