What Is Mind-Body Medicine, And In What Ways Can It Help Me Feel Better?

Question: What is mind-body medicine, and in what ways can it help me feel better?

Answer:In the West we have a tendency to divide things. We have a tendency to divide the mind and the body. But really, you can't divide them. They're all one: what happens in one, influences the other. So mind-body medicine really helps us recognize the importance of recognizing that oneness. And it helps us understand the importance of how we see the world because it I see the world as happy and kind and peaceful, I'm going to be happy, kind and peaceful. If I see the world as hostile, angry and mean, I'm going to feel hostile, angry and mean.

Mind-body medicine helps us realize how our intention, how our beliefs, how our images, can influence a cascade of hormones in the body that can have a negative effect on health or a positive effect on health. In the end, it's a choice that I can choose to see the world in a positive light or in a negative light. And if you choose it in a positive way, often our immune system works better, the chemicals that promote health and healthy emotions often are more activated and that leads to a better quality of life.