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ABC News Alzheimer's Coverage
VIDEO: The former first lady shares her experiences as a caregiver for her father.
A Conversation: Touched By Alzheimers
The former first lady shares her experiences as a caregiver for her father.
VIDEO: Maria Shriver on World News
Maria Shriver Talks About Alzheimer's
Shriver discusses ways to help caregivers, inspired by her father's battle.
VIDEO: A Look at Alzheimers Disease
Richard Besser Talks Alzheimer's
Dr. Besser and Maria Shriver talk about Alzheimer's disease.
Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center
What Is Alzheimer's Disease?
Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center
A Look Inside the Alzheimer's Brain
See how Alzheimer's disease affects neurons and causes memory loss.
Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center
Family History And Alzheimer's Risk?
Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai Medical Center
Ronald Petersen, M.D., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
What Is Mild Cognitive Impairment?
Ronald Petersen, M.D., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic
John Morris, M.D., Director, Alzheimer?s Disease Research Center, Washington University, St. Louis
Age For Beginning Stages of Alzheimer's?
John Morris, M.D., Washington University, St. Louis
pic of alzheimers blood test
Any At-Home Tests for Alzheimer's?
Steven DeKosky, M.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine
Mohana Karlekar, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center
What Meds are Used to Treat Alzheimer's?
Mohana Karlekar, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Gary Small, M.D., UCLA Center on Aging
First Step After Alzheimer's Diagnosis?
Gary Small, M.D., UCLA Center on Aging
elder care
Behavioral Changes And Alzheimer's?
Gary Small, M.D., UCLA Center on Aging
Finding In-Home Help For Alzheimer's?
Constantine Lyketsos, M.D., The Johns Hopkins Hospital
The Basics
What Is Dementia?
Different Types Of Alzheimer's Disease?
What Are Amyloid Plaques?
Other Causes Of Dementia?
Risk Factors For Alzheimer's Disease?
Preventing Alzheimer's Disease?
Symptoms Of Alzheimer?s Disease?
Type of Doctor For Alzheimer's Disease?
How Is Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosed?
How Is Alzheimer's Disease Treated?
Is There A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease?
Prognosis For Alzheimer's Disease?
Risk Factors & Prevention
Are The Genes For Alzheimer's Known?
Head Injury Affecting Alzheimer's Risk?
What is Boxer's Syndrome?
Conditions That Affect Alzheimer's Risk?
Effect of Ethnicity On Alzheimer's Risk?
Mental, Physical Health and Alzheimer's?
Is There A Brain-Healthy Lifestyle?
What To Do To Prevent Alzheimer's?
How Do Improve Memory, Reduce Risk?
Pills to Improve Memory Or Reduce Risk?
Mild Cognitive Impairment
Cognitive Impairment And Dementia Risk?
What Causes Mild Cognitive Impairment?
Improving Mild Cognitive Impairment?
Can Blood Pressure Affect Memory?
How Does Depression Affect Memory?
Which Conditions Might Affect Memory?
Symptoms of Alzheimer's
Memory-Related Symptoms of Alzheimer's?
Other Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease?
Early Onset vs. Regular Alzheimer's?
Will I Notice Alzheimer's Symptoms?
Conditions That Mimic Alzheimer's?
Medication Symptoms Like Alzheimer's?
Diagnosing Alzheimer's
Helping My Doctor Diagnose Alzheimer's?
Which Tests Diagnose Alzheimer's?
Is There a Blood Test for Alzheimer's?
Is There A Genetic Test For Alzheimer's?
Genetic Testing If I Have Alzheimer's?
Genetic Testing For Family Members?
Advice For Doctors On Genetic Testing?
MRI, PET Scan for Alzheimer's Diagnosis?
How Will The Doctor Assess My Memory?
Mini-Mental State Exam for Alzheimer's?
What Is A Delayed Recall Test?
Getting Alzheimer's Candidate to Doctor?
What Are The Stages Of Alzheimer's?
Treating Alzheimer's
Treating Moderate, Severe Alzheimer's?
What Meds are Used to Treat Alzheimer's?
What Are Cholinesterase Inhibitors?
All Cholinesterase Inhibitors the Same?
Using Namenda for Alzheimer's Disease?
Using Razadyne for Alzheimer's Disease?
Using Exelon for Alzheimer's Disease?
Using Aricept for Alzheimer's Disease?
Side Effects of Alzheimer's Medications?
Preventing Progression of Alzheimer's?
Lifestyle Changes to Slow Progression?
Natural Alzheimer's Remedies?
Can Red Wine Treat Alzheimer's Disease?
Vitamin E for Alzheimer's Treatment?
Using Gingko Biloba for Alzheimer's?
How Do Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Work?
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Train Your Brain
Everyday exercises that can help prevent memory loss.
Google Searching Might Improve Memory
A new study finds that Internet searching exercises the brain.
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VIDEO: Five body parts to pamper
The top not so sexy but important body parts everyone should take care of.
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Special Contributors
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York Mary Sano, Ph.D. and Samuel Gandy, M.D., Ph.D.
Alzheimer's Research Centers
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas Dr. Rachelle Doody explains Alzheimer's research at Baylor College of Medicine.
Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Dr. Rudy Tanzi explains Alzheimer's research at MGH.
Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Dr. Ronald Peterson explains Alzheimer's research at Mayo Clinic.
University of California, Los Angeles Dr. Gary Small explains Alzheimer's research at UCLA.
Washington University St. Louis
Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri Dr. John Morris explains Alzheimer's research at Washington University.
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