Phil Mickelson Campaigns for Psoriatic Arthritis


New and Effective Treatments

Ritchlin said that treatments for psoriatic arthritis have greatly improved in the last decade. There are now several ways to manage the illness.

"We're really stressing this early intervention in order to talk about the effective treatments," said Ritchlin. "Twenty years ago, I couldn't have told you that. There are a lot of variables that go into treatment, but there are a lot of options."

Variety of Treatments

The variety of psoriatic arthritis treatments include nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs, oral system therapies and biologic agents, which act closer to the cause of the disease.

"If you have a joint that is painful or swollen you may be considerably limited in your ability to use or stress that joint," said Jonas. "However, since we now have very effective therapies, it is conceivable that people with psoriatic arthritis can participate fully in exercise and athletics and even have a career in competitive sports. Most people whose disease is well-managed can exercise, although some patients remain limited."

Dr. Joan Von Feldt, a professor of medicine at University of Pennsylvania, said that Mickelson's early diagnosis was key to his ability to get back to golf.

"The medicines are so powerful nowadays that Mr. Mickelson should expect to go back to his normal superstar career, with the help of his rheumatologist," said Von Feldt. "I've always been a fan of Phil Mickelson, and so I was thrilled that he would use his misfortune and turn it into an opportunity to help others."

And now, because Mickelson took advantage of those medical breakthroughs, he's back on the green.

"I feel much better, and I'm able to do everything that I'm able to do what I can do what I can do," he said. "I'm back to my practice schedule and really excited for the season."

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