What Leisure Activities Are Good Options For Adults With Autism, And Is It Important To Exercise Regularly?

Question: What leisure activities are good options for adults with autism, and is it important to exercise regularly?

Answer: I think when we think about leisure opportunities, we need to think about what that person is interested in, what they have a passion for, because those kind of activities are going to have meaning to them. We need to also look at what kind of activities peers are engaged in. We really think of using leisure activities, recreational activities, as a bridge to building friendships and relationships. So we really want to think along those lines.

And in terms of exercise, exercise is great for everybody and makes you feel better about yourself. And when you feel better, you're more apt to try new things. So we really want to look at the whole picture -- using exercise so I can feel better about myself, and I'm willing to get out there, meet new people and engage in new activities -- a variety of new activities.