Top 6 Extreme Cosmetic Surgeries: Obsession with Breast Implants to Feline Looks

Then, at home in her kitchen, Mioku reached for some cooking oil and a syringe, instead. The public took pity on Mioku and helped pay for surgeons to remove the foreign matter after the local media broadcast images of her swollen face, according to reporting by The Telegraph.

But however much material they reomoved, local doctors said she could never retrieve her original face.

Winograd couldn't comment on Mioku's individual case, but he has seen how a compulsion manifests itself into cosmetic surgeries.

"Cosmetic procedures are a compulsion, but just because someone has BDD doesn't mean they act on the compulsion of surgery versus something else," said Winograd. "But then, there's people who get procedures and keep getting procedures and they're never satisfied because BDD is a psychological problem within and they're trying to fix it by fixing the shell."

Michael Jackson: Multiple Plastic Surgeries

While it's lyrics might attempt to convey a more nuanced message, the title of Michael Jackson's song "Black And White" is a good summary of how many people who get multiple, extreme plastic surgeries see the world.

People with the combination of psychological problems who seek out these surgeries never have a "kind of a good day," said Leslie Seppinni, a psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, Calif.

"It's either, 'I look fabulous today,' or 'I need to put a mask on my face,'" she explained.

Seppinni said the self-hatred that comes on days when some people don't like how they look is part of a drive for flawlessness.

"One thing is that they're looking for absolute perfection, and it's very narcissistic," said Seppinni.

"If they could only fix how they look on the outside ... then life will be so much better for them," she said, and that creates a very all or nothing situation, where they either feel really good about themselves or that they are a complete disaster.

Stemming from a lack of balance in their emotional lives along with poor coping skills, Seppinni said, it often leads some people to imitate a single person who they view as ideal.

"Usually, they have a vision of someone they've conjured up who they believe is perfection. And they sculpt themselves toward that look," she said.

In the case of Octomom Nadya Suleman, that person was actress Angelina Jolie, Seppinni conjectured, noting Suleman's attempts to emulate her.

As for Jackson?

"In his case, for years he said ... Diana Ross was like his ideal vision. He wanted her look," mused Seppinni.

Brigitte Nielsen: Plastic Surgery to Beat Father Time

While some who get multiple plastic surgeries idealize someone else, reality TV star Brigitte Nielsensaid she gets them because she idealizes herself -- or a younger version of herself, anyhow.

"She's trying to get back to a place that she can't get back to," said Seppinni. "There's an emotional immaturity."

People who strive to look like former visions of themselves, or even like someone else, Seppinni explained, often reach a point where they stop maturing emotionally, so, over time, it becomes more and more out of sync with their chronological age.

"Once they start to get help, they have to make up emotionally for the time they [lost] when they weren't maturing emotionally," she said. "Playing catch-up is really painful."

A desire to appear on reality shows, Seppinni said, may also appeal to a frequent-surgery-seeker's narcissism.

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