12 Foods Your Dentist Won't Eat


Most Sugar-Packed Fruity Ice Cream: Cold Stone Creamery Blueberry Ice Cream (Gotta Have It size)

74 g sugars 760 calories 47 g fat (31 g saturated, 1.5 g trans)

The Gotta Have It size at Cold Stone is about 12 ounces, which is equivalent to ordering three scoops at Baskin-Robbins or Ben & Jerry's. Order any ice cream in this size and you can expect to spoon down about a day's worth of saturated fat and the same amount of sugar as you'll find in 11 rainbow popsicles. Downsize your order, and focus on toppings, which can make or break an ice cream. Most of the cookies and candy bars at Cold Stone have between 100 and 200 calories per serving, so limit the indulgent toppings to Nilla Wafers and Yellow Cake. Fruits and nuts, of course, will always be your safest bets.

Eat This Instead: Chocolate Yogurt (Like It size) topped with Yellow Cake and blueberries

40 g sugars 260 calories 2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated)

Most Sugar-Packed Smoothie: Jamba Juice Banana Berry (22 fl oz)

82 g sugars 400 calories 1.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated)

Be on the lookout for smoothies—like this one—that are made with juice, not whole fruits. Sure juice is derived from fruit, but it burdens your smoothie with loads of extra sugars without contributing a shred of fiber or protein. You're better off with all-fruit or dairy-based varieties.

Drink This Instead: Berry Fulfilling (22 fl oz)

39 g sugars 230 calories 1 g fat (0 g saturated)

Most Sugar-Packed Hot Beverage: Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (Venti size with 2% milk and whipped cream)

81 g sugars 560 calories 19 g fat (11 g saturated) Since when did hot chocolate require salt and caramel to meet the expectations of consumers? Seems a bit gratuitous, no? Thanks to Starbucks' monstrous creation, the classic winter comfort beverage is now sullied with more than half a day's worth of saturated fat and more sugar than 3 Hershey's chocolate bars.

Drink This Instead: Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino (Tall size, nonfat milk)

39 g sugars 170 calories 0 g fat

Most Sugar-Packed Sundae: Baskin-Robbins Oreo Layered Sundae

146 g sugars 1,330 calories 61 g fat (31 g saturated, 1 g trans)

Outrageous? That's an understatement. Cookie and candy bar flavors reign supreme at Baskin-Robbins, and the results are almost always dismal. If you must have a sundae, try to limit it to two scoops with a bit of hot fudge and chopped nuts—that'll run you about 550 calories. Your better bet at Baskin, though, is to stick to scoops to mitigate the damage of ice cream indulgence.

Eat This Instead: Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Ice Cream (4 oz scoop) in a Cake Cone

27 g sugars 305 calories 15 g fat (9 g saturated)

Most Sugar-Packed Menu Item in America: Cold Stone BP&C Shake (Gotta Have It size)

153 g sugars 2,010 calories 131 g fat (68 g saturated, 2.5 g trans)

There's no such thing as a healthy milkshake, but there are varying degrees of bad. Unfortunately, this belly-bloating beverage takes unhealthy to the extreme. It contains nearly as much sugar as an entire 15-ounce box of Chewy Chips Ahoy! Cookies! It's also the only drink in America to stretch across the 2,000-calorie mark. The combination of peanut butter—good in small amounts, horrendous when liquefied in bathtub-size quantities—and chocolate ice cream outpaces even the worst cookie- and candy-strewn shakes that clutter Cold Stone's embarrassing shake menu. Suck this thing down and you've just blasted away a day's worth of calories and more than 3 days' worth of saturated fat.

Eat This Instead: Sinless Strawberry Bananza Smoothie (Love It size)

34 g sugars 220 calories 1.5 g fat (0 g saturated)


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