The Future of Dentistry

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:10pm ET

I don't think there's any sound, scientific research that shows there are any vitamins or herbs that will help. There just isn't any research to validate the claims that are made today.

As people reach that sixth, seventh, and eighth decade of their lives, we will have a significant popluation, 88 million, who will have the majority of their teeth. We've never had a popluation in those age ranges who had their teeth. We are going to find that those people require different kinds of dental care and treatment throughout their life, so that they can maintain their teeth.

Anonymous from at 3:11pm ET

With all the new technology out why is it that most people have to wear braces approximately two years? Is there any new advances in straightening your teeth without braces or not wearing them just as long?

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:12pm ET

Well, realize that the bad bites that require othodontic care have a genetic component to them. Until we can truly manipute how each of inherent those traits from our parents, we'll never be able to manipulate that process to ensure that orthodontics are not necessary.

Paul Getty from at 3:13pm ET

Do you think Dental Management Companies will have
made the private practice obsolete?

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:14pm ET

No. I believe that dental management companies will be a force in future dental care, but I also believe that the vast majority of dentists will be independent practicioners, either by themselves or in small groups.

Alexa from at 3:14pm ET

What is the future of periodontics? Is there a way to reverse gum disease? Are there new and innovative ways to fix pockets that are in view (ie. in your smile) Can you recommend periodontists on the cutting edge in northern Ca?

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:16pm ET

I can't recommend anyone, but as a periodontist myself, there are numbers of new technologies that have come into periodontics. We can now regenerate soft tissue and bone, and we have a number of products that are available to be used as part of maintainance care that should help the periodonist and the patient control the patient's periodontal disease.

Charles from at 3:16pm ET

At a recent dentist visit I got a kind of ceramic
tooth filling instead of a metal filling. Are
these becoming more and more popular everywhere?

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:17pm ET

Yes. They are, because they function as well as a a metal resoration in mose cases, and they are clearly more aesthetic. Patients want that kind of procedure done because of the aesthetic component.

Isaac from [], at 3:17pm ET

I hear there's a new type of whitening ingredient that's due out in February or March, which is supposed to not only whiten teeth, but also make the whitening last longer and not make your teeth so sensitive. What is this new product, and has it been backed up by evidence to support its claims?

Dr. Timothy Rose

at 3:18pm ET

I think only time will tell as to whether it is effective and how long it may be effective after it is used. There are two or three products coming out.

robert maggard from at 3:19pm ET

will dentures be a thing of the past in the future? how can the average person afford the sophisicated treatments of today?

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