University of Washington Medical Center, Wash.

The University of Washington has been really a premiere institution for diabetes research for many decades. In my own clinic, for example, we are working on using continuous glucose sensors, so patients can actually watch their blood sugar as they are driving, or as they are working, or even when they are sleeping so the alarms go off to prevent both high blood sugars and low blood sugars.

We're also working with our patients using the internet to better use the technology to manage diabetes from afar, because not everybody can come into the clinic. We're involved in some very large studies looking at the impact of very tight glucose control in type 2 diabetes. And we continue to follow a large group of patients going back to the 1980s with type 1 diabetes and see how they do over many years in managing their diabetes.


The University of Washington is very well known for their work in cholesterol research as it pertains to especially type 2 diabetes. And the University of Washington also has a very large obesity program, as we are looking into the mechanisms of what causes obesity so that hopefully we can soon have better treatments for obesity.

I should also point out that we have done research at a very basic level, looking at the immunology of type 1 diabetes and how can we better predict and hopefully prevent type 1 diabetes.

And finally I would like to point out we have been working for many years on the topic of insulin secretion and how insulin secretion falters in people with type 2 diabetes.