Worried About Holiday Weight Gain?

By now everyone has heard about this integration of video games and workout programs. Many of us have video consoles in our houses because of our children, or maybe we even play them ourselves. Invest in one of the Nintendo Wii Fit workout programs. They are fun and they keep you engaged, and you can do it in your home. It may not be a marathon, but it's better than just sitting there.

Solution 4: Rubber band workouts

Rubber bands for exercise are something you can purchase inexpensively almost anywhere. I am sure you can use the resistance from these rubber bands in at least five different ways. Be creative and try doing at least 30 repetitions of each movement and repeating them in sets of three. In doing so, you will manage 20 minutes of healthy movement while you watch TV.

Solution 5: Motivation

None of the above solutions will not work if you don't know why you want to do them. Everyone is different. For some, it might be to increase energy and stop feeling sluggish. For others, it is to stay attractive because they are in the sales force. Some others might feel that they want to stay physically active as long as possible, and they understand the saying "Who rests will rust."

Either way, one of the best solutions is to stay in control with your eating. If you need guidance to do so after the holidays, find a program that incorporates lifestyle changes. The Mental Detox program is what you might be looking for.

And don't get hooked to a fad diet. You will achieve the best lasting results through lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise that you stay committed to, even during the holiday season.

Make it work for you. Find solutions that will work for you to not gain the weight over this holiday season.

Stefan Aschan is the owner and founder of www.strength123.com, providing nutrition and exercise programs in New York City.

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