Holiday Hazards for Diabetics

"I only use fruit, so my guests are not dunking in cookies, cake or biscotti," she said. "It's a fabulous way for them to get that chocolate, but it's also sneaking a heck of a lot of fruit into their diet."

Also, Heanue adds it would be wise not to overindulge.

"If [people with diabetes] stand there next to it and keep dunking strawberries in there and eat 40, then they will probably have a problem with their blood sugar," she said. "But if it's just three strawberries, it probably isn't going to do anything."

So if a bit of moderation can work at the chocolate fountain, it makes perfect sense that it will work elsewhere at the party as well. In addition to not going overboard with certain holiday treats, proper preparation — for example, eating a healthy dinner before heading out to a party — can also go a long way for those with diabetes. Maintaining your normal exercise schedule throughout the holidays, Heanue says, is also a huge help.

But most importantly, those with diabetes should not let their condition get in the way of the most anticipated holiday treat of all — a good time with family and friends.

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