Meet the New Vegetarians

The Vegetarian Varieties

The lingo can get complicated. A strict vegetarian doesn't eat any meat or animal-derived products, though some make exceptions for fish, dairy, or eggs. A guide:

Pescatarians eat fish

Ovo-Vegetarians eat eggs

Lacto-Vegetarians eat dairy products

Lacto-Pesco-Ovo-Vegetarians eat all three

Vegans eat no animals or animal products, including milk and honey

Don't Be A 'Starchatarian'

When you go vegetarian, it's a common misstep to replace meat with starch. However, such a diet is no healthier than a meat-based diet and may even be less so. Instead, fill the empty spaces on your plate with plant-based protein--nuts, seeds, soy, and legumes contain plenty. In addition, aim to get enough of the following nutrients, which can fall short:

Iron For nonmeat sources, turn to egg yolks, beans, and cooked spinach.

Calcium Nondairy eaters should opt for leafy greens such as kale.

Omega-3s If fish isn't on your menu, be sure to consume walnuts and flaxseed, and consider a supplement.

Vitamin B12 This nutrient occurs naturally only in animal products, so you must either supplement or eat fortified foods (like cereals or soy milk).


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