Caffeine ... Exposed!

Coca Cola Classic -- 34.5mg (12-ounce can)

Diet Pepsi -- 36mg (12-ounce can)

Pepsi -- 37.5mg (12-ounce can)

Diet Coke -- 46.5mg (12-ounce can)

Mountain Dew -- 54mg (12-ounce can)

Diet Pepsi Max -- 69mg (12-ounce can)

Instant Coffee -- 40-105mg (150ml cup)

Filtered Coffee -- 110-150mg (150ml cup)

Tea -- 20-100mg (150ml cup)

Starbucks Coffee, Grande -- 500mg (16-ounce cup)

Chocolate Cake -- 20-30mg (one slice)

Caffeine Pill -- 50-200mg (read label to determine exact dose)

Add up your daily intake of these beverages to determine how much caffeine you're getting.

Even if your total is below 500mg, it may not be time to breathe a sigh of relief just yet. The negative effects mentioned above can occur with as little as 100 mg caffeine intake daily. We are individuals, and everyone reacts differently. So if you think you might have issues with excessive caffeine consumption, you might want to taper your intake.

Already suffering the side effects of caffeine? If so, it is best to work with a health care professional to manage withdrawal effects such as headaches, nausea, sweating, attention problems and drowsiness.

Another solution would be to find one of the many books available that can help you go through the detoxification process.

But the best solution is to commit yourself to a lifestyle that focuses on exercise and proper nutritional intake to perform -- and look -- your best.

Stefan Aschan is a fitness consultant in New York City.

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