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The Retiree With Arthritis

Expert Favorite: Aqua-Aerobics in a Heated Pool

Expert Favorite: Aqua-Aerobics in a Heated Pool

One in five adults has arthritis in one form or another. For some it can hinder exercise, for others, the pain can make daily activities like bathing seem impossible. Though it was long thought that those with severe arthritis should avoid exercise so as not to aggravate their joints, doctors now know that regular activity and strength training can help restore joint function, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Low-intensity, low-impact exercises that don't require a lot of balance are key for those suffering from arthritis. This is why hands down the best exercise is working out in a heated pool with styrofoam dumbbells . On land, lifting weights can lead to strain or injury if they are dropped, and only work the muscles in one direction. Moving a Styrofoam dumbbell underwater provides resistance in every direction, while the warmth of a heated pool keeps the muscles and joints loose and less prone to injury, says West of University of Tulsa.

"Even walking in a shallow pool is good. You get all the resistance without all the weight bearing down on their joints. Not to mention, it's fun. People like pools," says Complete Body and Spa's Davis.

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