What Are My Options When Selecting Lenses For My Eyeglasses, And How Do I Know Which Type Is Best For Me?

Question: What are my options when selecting lenses for my eyeglasses, and how do I know which type is best for me?

Answer: There are many options for lenses out there in terms of eyeglasses. Part of what you are looking for is going to depend on what you need them for. In other words if you need them for a job that might have some danger in terms of injury, you might want to look for a pair of glasses such as polycarbonate glasses that are shatterproof. If you need them for sports you might be looking for what we call athletic glasses.

If you need them for something that's going to be outside you may be looking for sunglasses or at least tinted glasses. Best advice would be to consult with your eye professional, your eye doctor and to find out what's the best fit for you when it comes to glasses you need.