Celebrity Noses in the Spotlight

A Cosmetic Side Effect

While cosmetic enhancement is not required to repair a deviated septum, most patients have trouble saying no to fixing that bump or tweaking that slope if they're already going through the complicated procedure. Most times, altering the outside appearance of the nose is not a necessary part of a septoplasty.

But if celebrities opt to have the more complicated septorhinoplasty procedure, why not admit to having a few imperfections cleared up then?

"Plastic surgery is kind of like the act of procreation," said Faison. "It's private even if it's there for everyone to see and I think it's better if it's kept private."

Kanodia said the pressures of Hollywood and the new technology of HDTV that highlights any imperfection can get to a celebrity. Yet he disagrees with the secrecy of shrouding surgery in the disguise of the deviated septum line.

"I think celebrities should be a little more forthright in saying I had a deviated septum fixed but I also had it straightened a little bit," said Kanodia. "If they were more forthright people wouldn't have this stigma about it."

Hollywood may be bringing the stigma upon itself because there's always speculation surrounding secrecy. Just this week actress Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against US Weekly magazine for accusing the actress of having a nose job.

"Scarlett has always been straightforward with the press regarding her body image, and she's very concerned that her fans will feel misled," Johansson's publicist told OK! Magazine.

Whether a celebrity did or didn't have his or her nose fixed, the decision to go public is ultimately his or hers.

"Rumors and accusations frequently need to be addressed," said Faison. "But they can be addressed by telling the truth while keeping some things private."

Yet until plastic surgery is no longer considered taboo, the rumors, and lawsuits, will ultimately prevail over full disclosure.

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